samedi 22 octobre 2011

The link between changes in the running time and the feelings

Let me explain!
I refer to my last article about 20 km from Paris.
My main goal, you understand, no matter the adventure in which I start, has value only if I take pleasure.
The 2010 edition of 20 km from Paris had left a bitter taste in the mouth overcrowded squad, leaving messy and brutal etc ...I was then decreed that no one would take me more ... but we know that the comments after the race are those who hold them!
So I decided to go at the bottom of the pack and unlike last year I succeed without difficulty.
The race is in the best hospitals. And here is one of the best places to watch the runners around you: the talkers that you can not stop and take the opportunity to relieve the tension, the silent lonely like me who internalize a lot.
Yet everyone is housed in the same boat as the 2011 is primarily characterized by cool, wet weather.
The riders are in the starting blocks and eager to embark on the wonderful journey that awaits: a real walk in Paris.
The organization makes every effort to ensure the atmosphere is at the height of the event and that side is also a great success.
The start is given and where I am I will have 15 long minutes to cross the line.
I know the path almost by heart and I know it will take the Avenue Foch to see the path widened and leave almost a kilometer to the riders to enjoy the space before the Bois de Boulogne does not brake again the race by his way closer.
I only have one thing in mind: enjoy the journey and sharing this wonderful race with other coureurs.Et I do not deny.
You just pay attention to the density of the field to be constant until the finish, causing disorderly crowd movements as soon as the supplies are visible.
The Bois de Boulogne is fast enough and crossed back over the city is by the docks right bank of the Seine before recovering and returning to the Eiffel Tower.
As I often do not save breaks and other supplies and take the time to maintain the comfort of race to which I am so attached.
I am proud to wear the colors of my club and the blue that I am, more than ever deserves its nickname when participating in the colors of Meudon Triathlon as a connoisseur, another runner, encouraged me doubling me.
The knee pain that I dreaded decided to leave me alone and I make the race so nice.
I spend the 10 th and 15 th km and the final stretch'm in incredible shape: fishing and I want to speed, which I do not deprive me.
After crossing the bridge, it smells good and the finish is still very compact squad but it is not annoying.
The Eiffel Tower is revealed and we can imagine that the line is not far.
Encouragement from the crowd came to encourage do good and give a great energy.
I love those few feet of the rider who, whatever their level, a finisher.
For once I do not forget to press my stopwatch.
From the time of the race I'm 01 hours 59 minutes and 51 seconds.
I did not ask so much. I'm thrilled because even if this time is the longest of my time is also 20 km race which would have brought the comfort of the race.
That's why the title of the article makes the link between time and feelings of the race.
Job well done for this race, it bodes well for the future.

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