samedi 8 octobre 2011

The countdown has begun!

Eve of D-Day this Saturday, October 8: tomorrow is my test running favorite:

The 20 km of Paris.

4 years ago when I started running I had not planned to participate in other test, when I look back, I accounts for close to 100 numbers (any discipline triathletes together) and I always take as much pleasure to project myself in this great race.

Superb course first which is a beautiful walk in Paris with a departure and an arrival at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and then a special atmosphere for the simple reason that many riders choose to hang one of their first bib for the occasion.

Besides the party started for me at the time I went yesterday, late afternoon, pick up my bib:

- Cross the other riders - Visit a few stands - Feel the atmosphere - Fun of looks from passers-by and tourists that we find equally surprised Sunday morning when leaving - Discover all the excitement with small gifts that the organization has slipped in the bag - Just enjoy the moment and blessed with the opportunity to run

This race I savored every moment and yet the 2010 had left me a sense of unfinished business with a difficult start and race conditions complicated by the large number of riders: access to supplies

So tomorrow for more serenity I experience a very late start, even back in the pack like this can happen on smaller races.

All other parameters are ready: extra clothes, personal supplies, racing attire, and waking at the right time.

I eat the day has already considered the race and I have accumulated the stock of carbohydrates.

Tomorrow I will try to arrive early to allow me to enjoy the pre-race as I usually do: finish near the start before 08 H 00, overheating, some photos of the Eiffel Tower still asleep and me in the same position.

I will also take care before going to sleep my knees by making them benefit from aggressive treatment to Tiger Balm (treatment may be a separate article so it is effective).

I will conclude my article by saying that this race, besides the fact that it has become essential for me is part of preparing''IRONMAN 2012.''

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