jeudi 4 août 2011

Day to day !

Thursday, August 4, 2011 Day to day! Need a second blog, at least for feature articles for the daily impressions.
A log!
Yesterday I finally took the bull by the horns and running shoes by the laces to pick up the pace! Any excuse was good: no identification of potential routes, many small roads unsafe, not want (!), Out of shape etc ... So much so that I even asked if I could still run or if at least I still had wanted.
An absence in my training like never last 4 years. I can not put a name to this phenomenon: too early: training too frequent and too intense, too many bibs, not enough recovery time, too many marathon ... a little of this and a job and simply overflowing a man's life to lead. I needed to restart and last night the 9 km and a few I have reconciled myself.
The little path that smelled good crops and the countryside and led me to an undergrowth Not too pleasant. A total of 50 minutes of very profitable! From today I decided to run to the sensations: the time is not part of the (continuous rain since morning) and we take the day to visit the house of the father of Arsene Lupin ! Excellent scenery and stroll between Etretat and Yport, we will renew tomorrow.

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