lundi 2 janvier 2012

Home stretch!

In fact the course is not right because it is the Houilles' Corrida, most famous race season, one of the few that allows everyone to hang a bib before taking advantage of the period looming festive already.
This is also what gives a special atmosphere.
The fortieth edition has kept all its promises, I have already participated in three editions of this race and they are only good memories that come to my mind: enchanting atmosphere and ambiance, three loops of a course but pleasant city public and omnipresent.
Again this year I have earned a good feeling for a number of weeks.
It is undeniable that race is really the one I prefer and it will always be a special place in my skin runner.
This edition was also an opportunity to get to know a new member of the club Meudon: Benjamin alias BeeGees 1.
It's always nice to share the good times before and after the race.
Ben was going too fast for me during the race.
This race could also have an opportunity to meet friends Facebook, it will be a next time.
Missions and objectives met: have fun by linking two races in the same half-day but also to reassure the ability to run, and it is not nothing.
And best of all do not end up alone at first, but share this moment with a fellow race.
These two races are to flavor the last two race numbers of the year and come close to an odd year or drives often took the appearance of races in which I enrolled.
Proof is that I have participated since the beginning of November to cross and then formats bullfights but also two short half-marathon at the end of November.
This alternation of distances allowed me to vary the pleasures and sensations of finding that I thought lost forever.
These various endurance and speed me restore that trust so precious I had lost along the way without realizing it.
This season allows me to take stock of my ability to bounce back.I also decided to go see a sports doctor in early November that gave me food supplements and exercises to do to strengthen my muscles, my cartilage and bones.
Indeed it is the first to make the connection between my total nephrectomy of the right kidney and a possible vitamin D deficiency caused by the absence of the kidney.
This deficiency, he said, affects the muscle that is above my knees and therefore on my bones and my cartilage from which recurrent pain felt in recent months.
The blood test he calls me that day in his favor and reported this deficiency.
Moreover, this analysis will prove very useful on other points which I will on my next article.I will also pass an examination of magnetic resonance imaging and stress testing.
The objectives for 2012 are already planned and planned well: trails, half marathon, triathlon etc ...
Before you invest myself fully in this new year I must first make sure my body is perfectly able to follow my passion sport.

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