lundi 26 septembre 2011

Well, almost ...

Must confess to have a jersey hanging yesterday. 

But it was for a good cause. 

In fact the last 3 years I never missed an edition of the Course of Breath ( that can raise money for research against Cystic Fibrosis. 

For a cause like this I will make a departure from the rule that I set just yesterday on this same blog. 

So yes I was ready to take the start with the woman of my life, she did not hesitate to launch after 18 months of arrest. 

It's good to run good and that the number of riders is increasing year by year. 

The 2011 has a few surprises since the parcour took longer than expected: about 11.5 km instead of the planned 10 km. 

As for my wife's 5 km race has turned into a beautiful ballad of almost 8 km 

Results: the finish line we fall into the arms of each other, exhausted but so happy! 

I will not hide the knee pain while running and the soreness the next day. 

But this race has proven to be a little spark in this long tunnel I'm going through with only a few sessions running from time to time, I who have run so regularly during my first two years of practice can too ... be? 

This would explain the crossing of the desert. 

This time I'll keep the flame and put me on track for the next few objectives: 

• Oct. 2: 10 km from Neuilly sur Seine 
• Oct. 9: The 20 km of Paris (in memory of my first jersey in 2007!) 

But for once I will be reasonable and have decided to go see a sports physician: 
November 4 will be next

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