vendredi 12 août 2011

Intermission !

It's a comparison that ultimately sticks to reality, since the holiday period is also there for that and can play everything we have not had time to browse the rest of the year.
In my case I can not help but spend 98% of my reading to my passions: swimming, running, cycling, sport in general, nutrition, health.

Between magazines (I read several dozen per month) and the books are well filled evenings.

Several books will be future articles: FIGNON Lawrence's book (autobiography), of Haruki Murakami (Self-portrait of the author runner) etc ...

The one I want to share with you today was written by David Servan-Schreiber, just disappeared and victims of cancer who ends up having the last word.
I have a very special relationship with the physician writer to become so full at the cancer being diagnosed by chance during an experiment in which he played guinea pigs.
I heard him the first time after I crossed the painful experience of cancer. And I must admit that initially I was quite circumspect about his way of seeing things but was unaware that he himself had experienced things extremely difficult.

I have long been reluctant to immerse myself in his book Anti-Cancer including publishing the most interesting is the Pocket Change in March 2011.

I started browsing in bookstores his latest book that I have not yet purchased:
''We can say goodbye a few times'':

David Servan-Schreiber
"Sooner or later he would return. I knew the odds of my cancer. I could delay the deadline, earning years, almost forgotten, but this time it was "the Big One," as Californians say they fear that a devastating earthquake. This led me to relapse ask the most serious, perhaps the most important of my life if I am caught by the disease then I think, eat, move, breathe and live anti-cancer, while still he of Anticancer? To answer this question that I write today. This book is also an opportunity for me to say goodbye to all those who appreciated my previous books or who came to listen. Whatever happens, I have the firm hope that this goodbye will not last. We can say goodbye several times. "
David Servan-Schreiber

The first time I leafed through this book, it was June 16th (my birthday), and coincidentally (?) David Servan-Schreiber received the news of his relapse June 16, 2010.

This book therefore share the daily life of the patient that he is back with all that that represents hard work, courage, and fighting more.
Of course this book has hit me for all those who, one day, crossed the road to cancer and have managed to do away, fearing a relapse that I've never hidden my surgeon.
As the book moves too emotional, I retreated to the latest edition of his book CANCER:

This book describes the different experiences of some patients by advancing the principles of good sense as nutrition, daily struggle.

I will not fail to return these books to a forthcoming literary interlude.

David Servan-Schreiber
ANTICANCER Preventing and Dealing with our natural defenses

Modern medicine detect and treat cancer, but it does not take advantage of recent discoveries that show how to mobilize all the resources of our body. Three years after the first publication of this book - translated into thirty-five languages ​​in over fifty countries and sold over a million copies - the main thesis of David Servan-Schreiber that we can significantly strengthen our defenses against the natural disease in general - and cancer in particular - has been confirmed by further studies included in this second edition. It retraces the adventures exciting science that led to this new approach and offers a practical prevention and support of conventional treatment - with results found by the cutting-edge research - to build an anti-cancer biology.

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