lundi 8 août 2011

End of an era and beginning of another!

Back from Normandy and filled with this beautiful peaceful week, I set myself

''Intentions'': it is synonymous with the best goal I've found so far.

Meeting place and as I gave my bike for almost a month, I had one wish this morning was to go find him.

A 07 H 30 the first rays of the sun give me the signal to start.

I jump into my outfit prepared for quite some time and file join my trusty bike.

Time to re-inflate the tires that worry me a bit since the test Short Distance from Paris and I'm off on the docks.

I need a good twenty minutes to reach the Longchamps racecourse, my favorite playground: practical, not far from home, rallying point for cyclists, triathletes, runners.

I enjoy the way to go because the sun is already very present and warm me: This is great because I have not planned long sleeves.

I avoid as much as possible irregularities of the road and take the first turn of the racetrack.

As a''recovery''I will do only four laps and cross cyclists and triathletes, young and old.

I am delighted with this return to the''training''and bike tell myself that I will not wait a month for a subsequent meeting.

The return home is going well and my obsession with puncture vanishes as and when the advance of homecoming.

I come home filled (even 70 minutes of cycling) and ready to start as soon as possible.

My future training sessions will lead me to a test in September, realistic and prepared.

The next week, synonymous with tranquility, should allow me to plan some great sessions.

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