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Marathon runner fantasies ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 20 H 56
The countdown is already over one and the race is looming on the horizon. I returns the path to remind me though this track that I enjoy so much.
I found the format with Paris marathon in 2008, after eight months of running only!
A revelation that far to get away from running, on the contrary, I have reinforced my desire to continue viscréale almost beyond me.
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 22 H 42
A week is not obvious because the newspaper tends to take me all the energy that is mine.
Difficult to maintain for a race like the marathon around you because the work and life itself largely overlaps.
However, this is not the time but I adapt as I always do, I promised myself not to let me eat and I will try to deliver.
And my three-day weekend will help me: on Friday I will remove my number in tranquility and to enjoy running expo at the same time.
As expected I take this Friday morning to remove my number and I am delighted to browse the aisles of Running Expo even though I know already that I will not hang up and save me the most .
The round trip by car and the recovery of the bib do not take me over an hour.
On the way back I had promised myself to go through my hairdresser that I am a regulatory cut to running, it's psychological but at some point or another it will be important.
The afternoon runs quietly. Lunch does not vary as of yesterday and those I take the next day: wholemeal pasta and chicken matches, compotes and water, water and more water ...

More than three weeks have gone by since the Paris marathon (I know I have taken my time to tell this goal earlier this year!), My marathon, that's obvious, I love this race more than any other for everything she has already made.
'''' My preparation was done by feel, I can not do otherwise, and especially I do not want.
I started the year with bibs that I have, once again, served to workouts.
I followed a course that has prepared me at least the race:the ice trail in mid-January and the seedlings (Bullion and Paris) in mid-February and early March have been my long outings.
The Ice Trail gave me the opportunity to start slowly year by 15 km in the woods on heavy land (the participants of the race of 30 kilometers had already been there) with a good feeling much better than the previous year.
This course will quickly give me a taste of the trail and will influence my choice of race for 2012.
Almost an hour and forty five minutes of effort and voila fifteen kilometers in self sufficiency and pleasure.
Self sufficiency can fully concentrate on the race and also requires an optimal organization of supplies: an opportunity for me to test a formula backpack with two bottles of 750 ml.
And as usual my belt with my triathlon door bib bar of marzipan, hazelnuts and figs and my bottle of 500 ml hand, is the equipment common to all my races.
As so often in trail there is no display of mileage and it suits me very well.

djapouille added on 23 Jan 2012

February will not be very active and physical costs for multiple reasons explained in a previous article ( but I want to participate in semi Bullion
This is how I see my sport, serving others and a cause like this.There will be others in the year.
This race has a climate a little rough: 0 degrees at baseline and under a beautiful sun and is a perfect compromise between trail running and road racing.
Often as I join a rider who has the same pace as me (actually they are two) early in the race. And we will run together without exchanging a word until the finish line.
This race has given me much pleasure: good run and well organized so to remember for next year.
As I do not anticipate anything, neither my training nor my race number, the next allows me to participate in the half marathon in Paris March 4, 2012.
I found a new cause to fight motivates me to be present that day and highlight, through my race, the association CHAMELEON (

The association Chameleon is accredited by Filipino social services to accommodate and care for sexually abused girls referred to it.Both shelters offer them a healthy environment where they can find the gestures of childhood: speak freely, play, go to school and learn. To help these young girls to reach a new equilibrium and welfare, Cameleon has a comprehensive and provides access to:EducationA psychological / psychiatricMedical aidLegal supportValuesSports and artsChameleon covers tuition, transportation, food and housing, and the purchase of school supplies and uniforms. Help is adjusted in each case.ReintegrationAfter spending three years on average in foster homes, the girls join their families Chameleon (natural host) and are reintegrated into the community.Reintegrated girls are always followed by Chameleon and accompanied by their sponsors until the end of their schooling. The social Chameleon coordinate with social workers in public social services to affected neighborhood or village in which children live.


As usual for this type of race I'm enjoying the Friday to go quietly get my number and as usual I did not train on the way already, but I savor the moment in anticipation of the race which starts in the same place less than forty eighthours later.Saturday is an opportunity to take your time and enjoy the family but also cures the preparation of cases and the last meal before the race.
No change is made it good servings of wheat pasta and chicken matches and fruit compotes.

I am on site early the next morning to find the few riders who, like me, will race under the colors of the association. It is also an opportunity to find some volunteers present to encourage us.
We will take the shirt of the association, white cotton with pretty colored lines.
The time to leave and we left the cafe, which has hosted us, to join the starting line.
The Paris Half Marathon begins opposite the Paris marathon in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, east of Paris, made a loop to the center and retraces his steps to allow almost arrived before the castle Vincennes and this is what makes the charm of this course that I bouclerai in just over two hours.
It is normal for a few months of my average for this distance, but I do not seek performance, only the pleasure of being there with other riders who also seek to have fun.
The next step of my race earlier this year is a race I've participated in 2009: the loop water.

The race aims to raise funds for day care centers for Alzheimer patients.

Since 1916, the Lions is the voluntary mobilization of men and women for the improvement of the lives of other men.For that, he led planetary missions to level of humanity that allowed most disadvantaged by life or by nature continue to exist inpride and the good life.
HUMANITARIAN SUPPORTFight against Alzheimer's diseaseDisease discovered in 1906, it is linked to degeneration of brain cells. This is an acquired disease, and progressive. To date, it remains irreversible. In France, 400,000 people are infected of which 10% are under 60 years.Whatever the intentions and efforts of those around the patient, the permanent presence with them is often impossible.
To this end founded the Lions Club "Lions Alzheimer" and already in our area were open day centers of Saint Germain-en-Laye, Sartrouville Montlignon, Pontoise. In these centers, patients are supported by a competent team. They are socialized, listened to and their families are secure, and fully reassured.The water loop is intended as an opportunity for education and information in the fight against this disease and help in the construction and operation of these centers.The full involvement of LIONS CLUB Sannois, Herblay, La Frette in the complete organization of "water loop" can help, thanks to the extra revenue, to help achieve a new day center, located near so that families can send their patients for a few hours, with confidence, tranquility and serenity.
SUPPORTING CIVICShould be informed Parisians on water use and alert them of his condition worsening every year and is now becoming a real social problem. This concern is backed up by all kinds of media (press, radio, TV ...) to awaken the citizen not only environmental quality but also to raise awareness of heritage conservation for future generations.

I really enjoyed this race course for mid-season, mid-city, for its volunteers Care, and especially for the cause it defends.
My only regret? That this race is not more known and recognized by the riders.This is also an excellent preparation for a marathon long as output.
This idea will quickly make its way into my subconscious and I will not resist from looking for a bib for the Paris marathon.
It remains for me at that time to eat a little month marathon, drink and sleep and especially a marathon final push to negotiate in organizing my life for this race is much more than a fantasy.
And to mark the preparation of this race of forty-two miles and one hundred ninety-five meters I will participate in the first edition of thirty kilometers from the eco-trail.
After the events of eighty and fifty kilometers joins that of thirty kilomètres.Celle will be sufficient for me.
This distance is the great innovation of 2012. This additional route can meet a demand for more and more of runners for races nature, but for which a registration Trail 80 km or 50 km Trail is not yet possible, especially early in the season.
With a fixed starting Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 10:00 am, the race will rally the town of Meudon on the terrace of Mail Branly, while not failing to passing the towns of Chaville, d'Avray, Marnes-la-Coquette, Sèvres , Meudon, Issy-les-Moulineaux and the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud and the Parc de l'Ile Saint-Germain.The trailers should wrap the 31 km with 600 meters of D + in 4:30 to claim the status of "finisher".
With a distance less than the marathon, this race is for those starting to compete with Trails long distances. Followers of the half marathon but not marathons, these runners can test themselves on a remote yet accessible without too great preparation.

Distance: 31km% Of paths and trails: 82%Elevation: 600 D +
Since the Avenue du Château (Meudon 92), passing the foot of the Meudon Observatory, beautiful site, unauthorized public, then by the forest of Meudon, the forest of False Rests, Domaine National de Saint Cloud, Ile Saint-Germain, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, Trail 30km participants will be able to really enjoy nature and a rich historical heritage still!
Towns crossed *:
0 km Departure: City of Meudon (92)9 km Commune Chaville (92)13 km City of Ville d'Avray (92)17 km Commune Marnes-la-Coquette (92)20 km Domaine National de Saint-Cloud (92)26 km Town of Sevres (92)27 km Commune de Meudon (Netherlands) (92)28 km Entrance into the park from the Ile Saint-Germain (92)29 km City of Issy-les-Moulineaux (92)30 km City of Paris XV (75)31 km Trail arrives on the terrace of Mail Branly above Port Suffren - Paris VII facing the Eiffel Tower (75)

I was very apprehensive before this race, first for distance, 31 km, the course (82% of trails) but also for movement in transportation (train and bus) to the starting line.
Precisely the starting line is already a great motivation in itself because just outside the Meudon Observatory which I defend the colors of the triathlon club.

The view of the garden is beautiful and I like a little time before departure and meet my friend Eric I took the opportunity to walk a little to the observatory and embrace the landscape and the extraordinary view.
The weather is beautiful and now seems like suspendu.L air is chilly but invigorating, all this bodes well for the test that approach.
I found my friend Eric who was asked many questions about his involvement but now it's there, no question of retreat! Even if we do not conduct broad question of not admitting it, not now.
The departure is imminent and we begin to run together a laggard: the first mile is downhill rather marked and it did not facilitate the task.
Eric feels that it is difficult for him and coyly encourages me to not wait, once, twice ... I go to the third gear and going forward the soul in death.
The course is amazing and I leave to the discovery of 82% of trails, the final stretch will be urban and is not memorable.
Against by the passage in nature and forest is extraordinary greatly facilitated by the sunny weather and even become hot.
This edition is twenty miles in 21 kilometers to the sufficiency of supplies which allows me to find the park of Saint Cloud.

This is a paradise for runners in the middle of which I often come to train.The finding in this context and for this race has come.
These supplies allow me to regain strength and fill my cans but also to exchange a few words with other competitors.
I leave having gained strength, and glad I traveled two thirds of the course.
The last kilometers are less buccoliques as we climb up the Eiffel Tower. It as many races in Paris we used as a landmark and compass to get to the finish line.
I pass it after three hours and thirty nine minutes of racing.
Happy, tired but worried about Eric who did not finish, I call it.
He still has at least seven kilometers, I think highly of him and hope he will stay the course! He still fifty minutes.
I will take from him a little later and he will have achieved something huge: pass the finish line with his little two year old daughter with a few seconds ahead of the time limit.
Beautiful story of motivation and perseverance. I am proud to be his friend.
I have three weeks to let the upcoming marathon. One bib by then as a sprint triathlon next week (750 meter swim, biking twenty kilometers and five kilometers of running), I tell you later when I deal with the triathlon season .
I manage the best time I have left until the marathon to be as fresh as possible and it joined the countdown to the beginning of the article.
Two days before the marathon I take a day off to pick up my bib and prepare my home business.
The day before, I hold a small jogging 5 kilometers in just twenty-eight minutes is the ideal pace that I set myself, although I do not want to set target zone.
The night before the event allows me to sleep well and it was well before five o'clock in the morning that I open my eyes.
I am serene and happy, happy to be there, to be alive and to have the physical means to participate in this adventure.
The breakfast is the same as every other morning of the year, I do not break this rule but for the next races will try to get up earlier to allow me to better digest.

The start of the race is expected to 08: 45 I'm in the car park ten minutes from the house before 07: 00 am. There are still some places but the level of parking is already full, it will be complete soon.
I finish my preparation and do not forget anything that will help me throughout the race including my bracelet DATA VITAE and take my time to direct me to the departure bottle and bottle in hand.The weather is cold (not more than 7 °) and a wind that will give us a feel even colder. I realized very quickly that I would be somewhat of providing for my racing attire.The crowd is, as usual, incredibly compact when we arrive on the Champs Elysees as agreed and I headed for the meeting point set with my friend Fabrice.
This marathon has a taste of friendship since more than I can count on Fabrice Philippe, Eric and his family for thirty kilometers but my wife and daughter on arrival.
With support like I should be able to fly to the finish.
Well it's not exactly what happened.
The departure is long: I went as planned in the airlock and I spend four hours, according to the successive waves, the starting line thirty-five minutes after the first.
That leaves me time to shiver!
As the start is always complicated because you must be very vigilant to avoid being trapped by anything lying on the ground: bottles, clothes, plastic bags ...
The first kilometers are very nice and I take up the special atmosphere of this race.
The atmosphere just talking about because it will, itself also a key partner of the rider: more than two hundred thousand people were present throughout the course to be literally and watching the runners among all these faces marked by fatigue and well often pain, a relative or friend.
I run my race at my own pace and especially according to the sensations that I refer my own corps.Le wind is an unexpected guest, and reinforces the cold felt throughout the race.
I set myself targets at very short and takes things as they come.
It's like in life everyday!
Rivoli, Bastille Faubourg Saint Antoine, Vincennes, Voie Georges Pompidou, Bir Hakim, Bois de Boulogne ...
Each of these places, these passages remain etched forever in my memory and experience of rider.

I know for example that when the pack of runners start to move ves docks I will not soon feel the pain inherent in the race and that they do not calm down soon.
I learned to live with them and support them, they make me feel alive and stronger than anything.
That is why until now I have learned to tame them to better support them.
And then at 30 km friend Eric, Philip and Odile have waited much of the morning to see me pass then the least I can do is hold on.

Since the thirtieth kilometer mind completely took over and I go on autopilot.
The loving gaze of the Eiffel Tower can do nothing for me.
I continue on alone with myself and I make it my business.
I put one foot before the other and lean on supplies to hold out and keep moving.
The Bois de Boulogne arrives and psychologically it's a relief even if there is a few kilometers.
I alternate between running and walking to make the end of the marathon more bearable for my knees.
If I could do all the thinking course in under four hours, I'll quickly realize that this will not really possible.
The result shows that over the kilometer time lost will not be caught.
But most important is not there.
This is the marathon of friendship but also of love as two hundred meters before the finish line I am very happy to shake my wife and my daughter in my arms.
I enjoy that finish line and this wonderful atmosphere which, in places, could make you think of certain passages of the Tour de France stages made by the close proximity to the public.
I found the two loves of my life a few minutes later crowned my medal and my windbreaker.

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