samedi 24 septembre 2011

This time it's finished!

Ends this Saturday and with it our first week of September holidays in Normandy.
I also want to add my blog to a new article, for once, is in line with the previous one.
Remember in the previous article, I was the privilege of training at the expense of dissipation of energy demanded by these bibs that j'épinglais in recent months without having had the delicacy to reward my body for a minimum of training.
All this is well done!
From now on any entry in a race will be part of regular training and do not put my body hurt.
I want to train for the rest of my life!
This second holiday season in September has begun. I asked the local triathlon club to share their training.
That's how I could make my first real bike ride the day after our arrival. 2 hours and 13 minutes through the green countryside, this varied and hilly seaside Normandy.
Interesting to find so close to the sea and yet subject to unexpected exercises coast and downs.
My traveling companion is younger, sharper and better trained than I expect and frequently.
This aspect of the release makes me realize that it is essential to go out with equivalent level athletes and not too heterogeneous.
But I see the bright side.
This allowed me to exit out of my shell.
One in which I had intentionally locked out from my first bike.
This apprehension of major mechanical problems prevented me from fully enjoying the effort and the course.
52 km in all, the distance the largest ever flown in once since I started triathlon.
A single drop for this event was caused by my inexperience technical management trays and speeds. I pass over the small chainring, the chain is difficult to tolerate and brutalized.
The result was immediate: the chain eventually leads me to jump and fall instantaneously. I get up without problems, but my foot is going to remind my good memories in a few hours.
In fact less than 5 hours after my return, my foot plunges me back three weeks (fall in the pool and then pass emergency) with unable to set foot on the floor.
I fear that my foot is actually weakened. (Foot pain this gives me the idea of ​​a future article on my other blog: #)
Unlike the previous fall I manage to get behind the wheel to try and find a pharmacy.
The drug had its effect and at the end of the afternoon, I am relieved and my foot too.
The next day we take the Olympic pool in Deauville.
My foot is getting a healthy even if I limit myself to the breaststroke, the only swimming that is not painful.
This pool is a paradise and will be for the 15 days of our haven of peace to all three. Indeed we often share our swimming sessions, each with its own objectives. The first session was very beneficial experience we renew on a regular basis, every other day on average.
The results of these two weeks is more than satisfactory and a few days later, I still feel all the benefits:
Week 37: 8500 m 2200-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 16/09/2011
2200-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 15/09/2011
2100-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 14/09/2011
2000-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 13/09/2011

Week 36: 6000 m 2000-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 11/09/2011
1000-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 08/09/2011
1500-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 07/09/2011
1500-meter Olympic swimming pool in Deauville 05/09/2011

This training period gave me the taste and feel like the effort but also the possibility of aligning different lengths in a row then crawl that two months ago I had difficulty to go 25 yards.
A roof for a triathlete!

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