dimanche 28 août 2011

The interval must not last too long ... In Praise of training !

I had my last article entitled:''intermission''without suspecting that it would last longer than expected.

Indeed it was during a training swim quite studious as I managed to slip and fall just trying to stand up.
Everything happened very quickly and I had the time to realize that my foot had struck a walk and two of my toes were very painful.
Throughout the evening I checked if the foot in question does not double in volume but not anything to report.
Well, almost anything because when you go to sleep, the pain was expressed and did not give me a break.
I did not know what position to stay away from this pain and move me made me wince with pain.
I witnessed the passage of a certain number of hours until no longer in power and decide to go the nearest emergency room to ... 04 H 00 in the morning.
And that despite the pain that boded no good diagnosis was that I expected: nothing broken, radio put an end to a number of concerns and questions.
Such as: how do I cope with everyday life in the coming weeks if I have to operate and manage a recovery, all in all very unexpected.
And that's where I took the time to reflect on the uncertainty surrounding us and gives us a glimpse at opportunities like the one I had to live, that everything is ephemeral and must be reasonable
This fall, which had the air of nothing at the time could have m'handicaper moment in my personal and professional life.
It also made me finger on the happiness one can feel that they can do what we want without depending on others.

Of course the doctor, before I return home, do not forget to remind me that I should not play sports for 15 days.
Just before leaving the hospital I managed to negotiate to resume swimming after a week, being careful not to slip!
Even though I was regularly in recent months, difficulties in planning a training, I am looking forward to get back seriously.
Why serious?

Because in recent months (two years) I had an unfortunate tendency to confuse training and competition.
Telling me that it could easily be my training.
And from there it does not bother me to a race in my program while the last exit (already another race and another race number) was two or even three weeks.
This means that I attended (I am proud and I have already confessed to one of my blogs) to Paris Triathlon last July 10 with no special training for this new event:
- No bike from the CD Beauvais June 12
- 2500 m swim
- 10 km from Suresnes June 19
- 10 km of the 10 th June 26
- 5 and 10 km of Strides Islands July 3
I have been rocking the whole time because I have enough stamina to go the distance.
But since last August 19th (my birthday and my 45 years) a shift takes place with real regular training:
- Swim 18 and August 19- Bike August 24
This time the''machine''is revived!
This means that I will definitely forget the bibs that I held out their arms this weekend:
- Triathlon Short Distance Chantilly- Strides Trielloises: 10 km
Back to basics for me who had come to forget that training is the foundation of everything that is going to allow us to hang a bib with confidence.
So I'll put together a program on the next few months will lay the foundation for a rising power and will culminate in a major goal in 2012 to have the opportunity to talk soon.

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