mardi 5 avril 2016

Under the sun...

It should not be long ...

For once sensations are almost good.
My last training is that of the 21/03 runway and nothing since.

I shall not even need to trample Running the Show since it is the Baptist who will seek me, thank you!

I'm relatively calm, the weather is still cool or even chilled the day before the race but the weather is announced for the next day.

Rose 05 H 00 without any difficulties after a good night's sleep will be essential but insufficient ...

I joined the SAS 03 H 45 hoping to hang on at the rate of 5.27 mn Km.

The sun sends its rays and the soft breezes let us imagine that the weather forecast will be reliable for once.

The first 10 kilometers are good and yet I feel that it will not last.

Vincennes next step that I've seen implode in 2015 understands that I'm about to put the cover but a little later and a little further.

No need to reach the semi in the 12 th district to understand that it will become increasingly difficult.

I take the sidewalk to not disturb other riders, in addition to not be in on it, I feel disqualified.

More juice and nothing to reverse the trend.

Not enough drives that I know well, but La Rochelle has nevertheless worked well three months ago, then WHAT?

Fatigue surely head elsewhere too short a journey that will end in the same place as last year.

This is the KM 30 will seal the fate of my race.

We put the flashing in and out discreetly.

I cooked despite the cap, glasses, sponging, cap filled with water that I did fall on my head to cool the engine (do not you coach?).

Nothing works I spend the docks like a nightmare, I walk, I trotted, I feel oppressed by it public that I found absent in 2008 but since two or three years is set like a Tour Pass of France, oppressive and omnipresent.

Anyway I'm not focused, we scream my name and I just reacted like I did not deserve such encouragement.

I remember that my only kidney and my entire body will not like me to go on the trip.

I have not gone through all this for my health gun down on the same course if it's a marathon.
I who never had shooting pains for a marathon, I hurt behind the right calf and under the foot.
My body tells me stop, I will not go further than this arch formed by the bridge that connects Bir Hakeim and Passy.

30 Km to the counter and 03 H 15 race.

Today I am obedient.

I had planned to meet my wife at the 30th, she's here and she smiled.
Nothing else matters.

(Ok it's a bit far anyway ...)

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