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Surfacing and stay there !

12 months under water without getting wet, that's a real performance that I could have done without me.

Nothing, not a single item from the last article of July 13, 2014 dedicated to marathon Senart yet reading different articles is well underway:

More than 28 000 page views on this blog just for 4 years to the day!

This blog is irregular testimony of a humble athlete, triathlete apprentice
which you can access easily from any location or you
find on the planet.

I want to demonstrate to the detail of the main countries of origin of blog readers.

US readers represent more than half of people interested in what I post and it makes me very happy!

A blog translated into 44 languages ​​and players from 67 countries!
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Chart of the most popular countries among blog readers

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United States 11419
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Yet it is past things since May 1, 2014!
The essential and what comes first is to preserve the family cocoon by positioning the family as top priority.

This is the maximum protection that allows me to do the heavy back during the last 12 months because I did not know what to expect ...

Or so I thought because unconsciously it is not at all what happened ...

It is that which always preserve me against the invasion and professional put me safe from the excesses related to my business.

Yet I was and still am on the edge of the forces that are mine.

I pushed up my strength and all the energy I could show.

And all this by minimizing the sport that brings so much physically but mentally.

And yet I do not have to regret this 2014 season that ultimately turns out to be rich and fruitful:

- 2 marathons
- 3 triathlons
- 3 half marathons
- 2 X 20 km
- ...

- ... But especially race '' useful '' for the benefit of beautiful cause!

1) Wattbike Triathlon Pre Saint Gervais

2) Half Marathon Savigny sur Orge

3) The loop of water: 25 km: Saturday, March 15, 2014

4) The strides of insurance: March 23, 2014: 10 Km

5) Eco Trail Paris: Saturday, March 29, 2014: 30 Km

6) Half Marathon Rueil: Sunday, April 6, 2014

7) Sénart Marathon: Thursday, May 1, 2014

8) Triathlon M Enghien: Sunday, May 18, 2014

9) 10 Km 19 th: June 1, 2014

10) June 13, 2014: The race against hunger: 13 H 00-14 H 30

11) June 13, 2014: The race against hunger: 15 H 15-16 H 45

12) June 22, 2014: Soli run: 10 Km

13) September 28, 2014: Triathlon against Cystic Fibrosis

14) September 28, 2014: Breath Race

15) October 5, 2014: The strides of Neuilly sur Seine: 10 Km

16) October 12, 2014: 20 Km from Paris

17) November 9, 2014: 20 Km from Fontenay le Fleury

18) November 16, 2014: Half Marathon Boulogne

19) November 30, 2014: Marathon of La Rochelle:

20) December 2014: Corrida de Houilles: 10 Km

20 races at the counter for a sport in extreme difficulty organizing his schedule and for which priority will always be given to the family and loved ones.

The 12 professional months I just allow me to live and already allow me to face similar situations but especially better control my professional activity.

All this must also serve myself not to repeat the experience lived recently, exhaustion of which I would have gone well ...

This burn out because this is indeed what is involved deserves that we dwell a little on this phenomenon much more common than we imagine:

Burnout (burnout)

Excerpt from an article Sciences et Avenir:

Burnout, also called burnout, is a mental disorder caused by chronic stress in the workplace.

It results in severe fatigue, a great professional frustration, an unusual and excessive emotional detachment and a sense of uncontrollable failure.
Burnout, also called burnout, is a mental disorder caused by chronic stress in the workplace. Burnout develops gradually in some people exposed to frustrating and demotivating working conditions: faced with fatigue, feelings of failure and difficulty concentrating, they tend to work more and more to try to find satisfaction and confidence. If working conditions are difficult, a vicious cycle sets up sustainable emotional exhaustion, burnout.
What are the signs of burnout?

Most often, burnout is reflected first by physical signs, permanent fatigue, back pain, insomnia, migraine, stomach aches, frequent infections, etc. Psychological distress may also occur: an emotional void, anxiety in all its forms, irritability, a tendency to isolate, difficulty concentrating, feelings of being overwhelmed or demotivation.

When the working conditions continue to be unsatisfactory, other characteristic signs appear gradually: frustration, the feeling of failure and excessive detachment vis-à-vis the events and surroundings. The exhausted person becomes unusually cold and indifferent, it is isolated emotionally and demonstrated an unusual cynicism.

When the work situation does not improve, the symptoms worsen. Eating disorders can appear, even addictions (alcohol, drugs, medication). Exhaustion, when resolved, can also trigger depression proven compounds the burnout.
What causes burnout?

People who suffer from burnout complain of being constantly overloaded with tasks, lack autonomy, bear unclear responsibilities and insufficiently be recognized for their work. The lack of opportunities for advancement seems to favor burnout.
Some people very involved in their work, followers of perfectionism and ambitious nature seem more prone to burnout. Heavy family responsibilities and personal unconscious conflicts experienced simultaneously aggravate this predisposition, as well as emotional loneliness. The burnout seems to affect men and women in equal proportions.
Can we prevent burnout?

When working conditions are conducive to burnout, some measures can help prevent burnout.
If you feel overloaded or overwhelmed, make a list of tasks in order of priority. Learning to delegate is a good way to prevent burnout.
To avoid frustration and sense of failure, it is best to set yourself clear and realistic goals. It is also important to set limits to your professional commitment and perfectionism.
Learn to recognize the situations and events that stress you negatively, to try to prevent or avoid them.
Strive to learn to say "no" when this is preferable. Think before accepting an assignment and find yourself overworked.
If stress at work, do not keep your worries for you. The isolation contributes to emotional exhaustion.
Listen to the signals your body sends you. Try to remove your stress by practicing regular physical activity. In case of fatigue, better to avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and tobacco if possible.
Slow your pace of work, learn to take breaks! Try to remain calm in the face relativisez professional events and their significance.
Do not become a slave to technology. Avoid consult your professional email messages to your home as much as possible and separate your professional life from your personal life.
How we treat burnout?

When the doctor suspects a burnout, it initially required a stoppage of short duration that allows the patient to rest and to take steps to ensure that returning to work is accompanied by the necessary changes (reorganization, shed perspective, defining realistic objectives, learning stress management techniques, etc.) ...

The doctor may also advise the patient to consult a psychotherapist who will help identify the causes of exhaustion, to imagine what to do to change the situation, to recognize its limitations and take into account its real needs. Type Techniques Cognitive therapy is particularly indicated in the treatment of burn out.

During this difficult period and a continuation of 2014, I tried to maintain a minimum level (survival?) Of physical activities and some bibs below helped me and will help me for those who stay come:

1) Wattbike Triathlon Pre Saint Gervais

2) Half Marathon Bullion

3) Half Marathon Rueil

4) The loop of water: 25 km

5) Soli run: 10 Km

6) The strides of insurance: 10 Km (cardiovascular disease)

7) S Beauvais Triathlon

8) Paris Marathon: 30 Km (Ensign Martin)

9) 10 Km 19 sows

10) Running for the children of the hospital Robert Debré

11) The race against hunger: 13 H 00-14 H 30

12) The race against hunger: 15 H 15-16 H 45

And the season is not over! For the last 4 months of the year, there will triathlon, cycling and running:

13) August 30, 2015: Triathlon M of Chantilly Castle

14) September 6, 2015: QBRC: 20 Km?

15) September 13, 2015: The Cyclo cancer: 80 Km

16) September 20, 2015: The Trialong Ile de France L

13) September 26, 2015: Triathlon against Cystic Fibrosis

14) September 27, 2015: Breath Race

15) October 4, 2015: The strides of Neuilly sur Seine: 10 Km

16) October 11, 2015: 20 Km from Paris

17) October 25, 2015: Impressionist Course: 16 Km

18) November 8, 2015: 20 Km from Fontenay le Fleury

19) November 15, 2015: Half Marathon Boulogne

20) November 29, 2015 Marathon de la Rochelle

21) December 27, 2015: Corrida de Houilles: 10 Km

Plan what remains of the year is beneficial both for morale and for the organization but also to plan a workout plan worthy of the name.

So I checked the Rdv that have become usual, my Proust madeleines for me, and always bring me great pleasure.

After everything essential is there !

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