dimanche 22 février 2015

In January triathlon is in the Pre !

Reminder on the course of the previous edition: 2014:

The first challenge was to know if I was going to go. Indeed, the many and varied problems that last for months tend to make me change my mind quite easily and let me withdrawn into myself.

Except this time I really want to reverse the trend and get into a virtuous circle and what better than a first triathlon at some particular format to start with a good foundation.

The test
The triathlon event is to chain swimming, cycling and running without stopping the clock.
It takes place in eight waves of 12 competitors.
At the end of these waves, the best 12 women and 12 men will be best qualified for the finals.
It is open to anyone aged 18 and older.

The swim takes place in the pool Fernand Blanluet Pre-Saint-Gervais, 25 meter pool.
Distance 300 meters 3 competitors per lane

The bike runs on a cycle ergo bike Watt combining air and magnetic braking
Distance 7 km

Running borrows the streets of Pré Saint Gervais with passage in front of Jean-Jacques Rousseau College, City Hall, the square Edmond Pépin.
Two loops of 1 km: 2 km total distance

The organization is optimal direction shown right out upon entering the city. Parking for triathletes and exchanges with all volunteers crossed on the way.

Home outsized pool, as always in this type of test, is at the heart of the event.

12 Devices Wattbike at the edge of the pool and race course walk around the pool.

I get the cap and bib and prepare my things that will join the rack the pool during the triple effort.

Waiting for the briefing before the race, I enjoy and I enjoy the atmosphere so clean with special triathlon.

And it is at that moment that I realized how much I missed it!

The briefing is imminent and everything goes fast enough, again the organization with onions for participants.

I meet Sophia, the volunteer who will support me in the first two tests. She explains the details of using the Wattbike.

Once the adjustment I go down into the pool and warms me through two lengths, I can not do more for fear not to take the 300 meters ...

And I know myself well because once the given starting I travel the first two lengths of 25 meters without too much difficulty but the rest is not as famous ... I'm in pain and the word is weak.

And to think that my two companions line were concerned about my level ... I had yet reassured me but they have not believed him, then I think they understand.
It takes more to get me down and I will not let anything on these great distances, super sprint that will not wait for me or leave me all my time to express myself ...

I understand that would not go out among the first while I look straight ahead and reaches the 250 meters with relief because my partner Watt bike has served me with a plank gesture above my head that I rest 50 meters.

She already encouraged during my aquatic Crucis but from where I am is to say, in my aquatic bubble I hear nothing so I concentrated.

I hear nothing but I'm still attentive to my two companions galley of which was soon complete his 300 meter swim while the other was cracked and will end in breaststroke.

So here I say that as long as I a little strength I will not deviate from my crawl to Régis mode, but not promised Daniel foot door coat!

What the hell I have a reputation to uphold not just mine but that of Nanterre club too!

In fact I noticed that some of the pool benches were moved noisily the arrival of a member of the club of yellow and green !!!

A few more meters and I can finally get out and run legs.

10 seconds max to dry me, I respect the instructions and do not put more than 5 seconds to put on socks, shoes and climb on my steed!

And I turn the endless legs, well almost for 7 terminals, as it should be encouraged by my occasional pair Sophie commenting every kilometer of change as loudly as possible.

Between the 2 kilometer and kilometer 1.5 announcer comes to live, confirm that it is one of the first enrolled me in this great event and always me an absolute fan of the Facebook page of the event, I said confirms between two roars, so I still have to put the forces in this event ...

In fact I give everything I can but I'm already rolling!

I'm not paying for a nutritional life of debauchery but merely that of a guy a little overwhelmed by the personal and professional events.

Anyway I'm here and I still do not let go.

Sophie mouth on me for me to finish as soon as possible and I over react to these screams by turning the legs even faster.

I am dripping of water from the pool that I have not blotted but also of my own sweat.

Here it is the Sort function in the colors of Nanterre is baptized !!!

I'm I reached 7 terminals that will free me for then and there What a surprise I'm still not the last, other muckers continue to turn the Watt bike that does not demand as ...

I put the bib on the front and I try to put one foot before the other, I'm soaked in water and yet see me trying to run, you might think that this is anything other than water ...

I have a hard time going right and I am mechanically the path shown by volunteers always with onions, I'm still awfully varnished to participate in a race like this one!

To the left and then left again and again to the left, in short we must go around the block and therefore the pool twice with recovery darling each loop.

I feel neither cold, nor rain, only my breakfast I should have a little relief.
It really necessary that I do it one day, because this is not the first race that leads me to this reflection.

The climate encourages few passers to stay out and it does not cross at very regular intervals that volunteers who are constantly encouraging us on this course.

In the middle of the first loop while I take my senses slowly, I pass a competitor and I am the first surprised.

My bike had to be comfortable enough in advance because despite my train senator (11.44 min for 2 km) I will not be caught up and even better I would have no other competitor on the course.

The second loop is as in a dream, in fact I have already won, won the start of my season and my reunion with my favorite sport in the colors yellow and green!

What else?

Finally I well récidiverai March 16 next in Meudon ...


I have not recurred in March 2014 for the Wattbike Meudon because my start to the season was cut short and was characterized by a complete shutdown of three weeks in February and significant consequences for the rest of the season.

Despite this I still tried to maintain a minimum level of activities:

  1) Wattbike Triathlon Pré Saint Gervais
  2) Half Marathon Savigny sur Orge
  3) The loop water: 25 km: Saturday, March 15, 2014
  4) The strides of insurance: March 23, 2014: 10 Km
  5) Eco Trail Paris: Saturday, March 29, 2014: 30 Km
  6) Half Marathon Rueil: Sunday, April 6, 2014
  7) Marathon Sénart: Thursday, May 1, 2014
  8) Triathlon M Enghien: Sunday, May 18, 2014
  9) 10 Km 19th: June 1, 2014
10) June 13, 2014: The race against hunger: 13 H 00-14 H 30
11) June 13, 2014: The race against hunger: 15 H 15-16 H 45
12) June 22, 2014: Soli run: 10 Km
13) September 28, 2014: Triathlon against Cystic Fibrosis
14) September 28, 2014: Breath Race
15) October 5, 2014: The strides of Neuilly sur Seine: 10 Km
16) October 12, 2014: 20 Km from Paris
17) November 9, 2014: 20 Km from Fontenay le Fleury
18) November 16, 2014: Half Marathon Boulogne
19) November 30, 2014: Marathon Rochelle
20) December 2014: Corrida de Houilles: 10 Km

One of the few things I am certain for this sporting year 2015 is my participation in the second edition.

And here I go again for the great adventure of Pré Saint Gervais and his Wattbike triathlon, one of the first race of the year and the calendar!

Very symbolically I post my entry on the eve of my participation in the Marathon of La Rochelle, very anxious because places are very expensive this year.

They go very, very fast and it is normal reputation of the test is started: very playful format volunteers Care, organization led masterfully by the triathlon club Pré Saint Gervais and its president Jean Marc TORA.

I am delighted to come back to spend some time with this great team!

After some difficulties to spot me in the city I put the car and head to the pool.

I get my bag and head to the locker room to prepare.

My trisuit is ready to return to service and support the yellow and green triathlete I am!

I will wait quietly on a bench along the pool by the time the last wave before taking the start.

I enjoy the pleasure of being there and I take the friendly atmosphere that prevails everywhere.

Of course some of them are very serious and evoke the precious seconds that will enable them to reach the final when the time comes to make the accounts ...

I'm not there yet and I do not projecting me at all in this situation.

Get back into a good rhythm of sports and have fun in a friendly atmosphere, this is what I came for.

I meet Jean-Marc that I am very happy to see and it's shared.

He calls for the briefing and I discovered on this occasion my future opponents!

Before Jean-Marc briefing makes me happy to point out that I am the most avid fan of the Facebook page of the event.
That's the least I can do for a sporting event so nice.

These words of Jean-Marc will make their effect on other competitors I quickly reassured about my physical abilities of the moment.

The launch comes very quickly. We will only be two in the water line, it will be very comfortable and my online buddy will be room ... far ahead.

This is what is confirmed after a few seconds I hardly predictable.
First session for 3 months it does not forgive but not so at all.

Calvary sprint haunt me until the end. I barely finished the 300 meter swim but I will not let go.

I go back to the edge of the pool to begin 7 Kilometers Wattbike. Each leg turn me yet regret the lack or even the near absence of training in recent months in the three disciplines.

Fortunately I have with me a triathlete Pre Saint Gervais to coach and encourage me.

I continue to turn the legs and begins to see my opponents the day go towards running, I'm active to join them.

This is definitely a beautiful early season test that allows to plan for future events that will certainly longer but less intense.

My turn to finish the Wattbike and start running in wet trisuit. He made a small 5 degrees outside but it does not smell, all at least in my sprint pace has at least this advantage!

Twice the pool all to complete the two kilometer walk race and I finished this second edition which pleased me as much as the former.

Incentives abound on the part of volunteers and few pedestrians.
I will return without hesitation. It is a friendly race, warm and taken without any head and that's what I need right now.

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