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A break of 15 days before the Marathon Sénart : more than 4 days ! ...

Sunday, April 27, 12 H 01

Last right before the marathon that is important to me and this line for many reasons .

These past few months have not been easy to manage a professional point of view and left little time for different workouts.

A long journey through the desert during which my body has hibernated and nothing more .

Starting in October 2013 to early March 2014 , 5 months that led me straight to a burnout just avoided ...

In summary workload the most of what I have endured and parallel almost total lack of training , all leading me to a state of extraordinary fatigue and inevitable suproids , morality I do not take off my 83 kg and I won the wrong way a pant size .

The climax was reached in February when the body has been very brutally STOP !

More juice , more sound and image .

A week full stop and 6 weeks of deprivation of sports ...

There was enough me to plan my season differently, it's good I did not have much planned except Eco trail of Paris in the version 30 kilometers .

This race will be the backbone of my early season, as and when away this episode tired I decided to articulate my next bibs around the 30 km .

I foresee :

semi Savigny : March 9
Water loop : 25 km : March 15
Strides Insurance : 10 km : March 23

and therefore 30 miles from Eco trail March 29, 2014 .

All these events happen relatively well and strengthen me in the idea of ​​planning a marathon has more or less imminent .

I had already removed the Paris Marathon (too expensive , too crowded ... ) .
Then I remembered that the marathon Sénart was organized on May 1, and therefore ideally placed in my schedule.

My last session running time of two weeks, I have no strategy in this area and my approach is not in any plane.

The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow with the club with a marathon before exercise prepared by the coach.

I appear Thursday morning as I am with my strengths and weaknesses and with renewed energy .

I'll start my nutritional preparation on Monday and prepare all my stuff at the same time .

Here is some information provided by the organization for a number of firmly in mind :

practical information marathon

Event : Marathon sénart 2014
Distance: 42.195km official measurement FFA , National FFA label
Number of participants limited to 1800
Departure : Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 9:30 am, Town Hall Square in Tigery
Check-in: from 11:35 , Alain Mimoun stage in Combs -la-Ville

Timing : A chip is provided for each rider with the bib data available after the race: real time, official time , transit time in the half marathon .
Removing the bib : Wednesday 30 April 14h to 20h and Thursday, May 1st from 6:30 am Town Hall Square in the village Tigery departure.
Participation: All riders born in 1994 and before .
Pacemakers : 3, 3:15 , 3:30 , 3:45 , 4h , 4:15 , 4:30
Supplies : all 5km and arrival:

customized supply : Each rider has the opportunity to be on the path forward its own supplies. To do this, cans should be entrusted to the organization in the Village Départ (tent provided for this purpose , before 8:30 am ) . The organization responsible for the file on the points corresponding supply . Customization of the container is desirable for the sake of saving time (No. bib sticker ... ) .
constitution of supplies :
Liquids: water Sénart cups , energy drink bottles, Coca- cola cups
SS: Cereal bars , sugar, oranges , bananas, raisins
diagram of a supply point :

Wipe sweat : 7 points between each refueling point . From the 18th km , water will be available at the point wipe sweat
Relief : 80 numbers of the 91 UMPS and civil protection Paris
Rules : see the regulation of marathon
Awards : Brooks technical shirt offered when removing the bib , medal art Soisy -sur-Ecole arrival glass with a sprig of lily of the valley and a bottle of apple juice

And figures that illustrate the event:

key figures

Human resources

1400 volunteers ( signalers / feed / sponging ... ) including:
450 musicians and 40 cultural associations sénartaises
5 officials of the French Athletics Federation
120 officials from 10 municipalities and 2 San Sénart ( Administrative Services , culture, sport, art, communication ... )
The logistics race

9 points of supplies (all 5km)
11 points sponging
10 Bicycle security for rural portions of the route
29 bikers
20 vehicles organization
Means Safety / Rescue / Traffic

The National Police
The Gendarmerie Nationale
Fonts Municipal Sénart
The Departmental Directorates of Public Works of the Seine -et-Marne and Essonne
80 rescuers two associations First Aid : First Aid Mobile Unit 91 Emergency Preparedness Paris
5 Emergency Physicians
Technical means

18000 sponges
40 mobile phones and walkie-talkies 20
800 barriers
700 traffic cones
500 kilometer panels and orientation / circulation
Tracing and marking of the circuit ( rubalise , permanent markings ... )

rétroplanning :

Beginning with the starting time of the marathon is set to 09 H 30 , so I expect a raise to 04 H 45 as a hearty breakfast as usual and left home at most 06 H 00 to reach 00 to 07 H Combs la Ville to take the shuttle and be Tigery for up to 08 H 00 .

Respect these hours should allow me some leeway to continue providing good rest during this holiday period.

Thursday 1st May 2014

Tigery - Village Départ - Town Hall Square
06:30 : Opening of the Village - Withdrawals bib
09h00: Departure 10km
09h30: Departure from 15th marathon sénart
9:45 : Closing the Village
Combs- la-Ville - Village Arrival - Stade Alain Mimoun
6:30 : Welcome and orientation runners to shuttle to the Village Départ in Tigery
6:45 : Start rotation shuttles Veolia Transport
9:00 : Opening of Village Check in public - Sports events and music
09h30: Arrival expected 1st runner 10km
10:30 : Presentation of awards 10km
11:55 : Arrival scheduled first marathon runner
14:00: Awards ceremony Marathon
16h00: Arrival expected last marathon runner
16h30: Closing the Village Arrival

access to the village starting

Wednesday, April 30

By car:
A6 :
From Paris, follow the A6 to Evry ( 25Km ) and then take the Francilienne to Marne -la- Vallée ( N104) and exit at junction 27 Tigery (5km) .
A4 :
From Paris, follow the A4 motorway to Lognes (20Km ) and then take the Francilienne towards Evry ( N104) and exit at junction 27 Tigery (25km) .
By public transport :
RER D stop station Lieusaint - Moissy ( 35 minutes from Gare de Lyon ) and Sénart Bus line 02 :
Thursday, May 1

No parking possible vehicle at the start village , all vehicles must park on arrival village Combs- la-Ville in Alain Mimoun stage. Regular free shuttle buses provide transport for riders and coaches between the village and the village arrival departure.
These shuttles Sénart Buses run between 6:30 AM and 8:15 ET mark a stop at the RER station Combs- la-Ville for runners from RER . A return shuttle is scheduled after the start of the races for spectators.

The coach reassured me by saying that I had in my legs this marathon , I also reassures me that this strategy of doing nothing before is completely deliberate and corresponds me .

I hate running alone and more time passes, the more I want to share these moments with others.

Appointment to the CR after the race to confront my impressions ...

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