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A trail on royal land : it is done and done well

Monday, March 24, 2014

Countdown to the start of a trail that holds a special place in my golf sports .

This is my second participation regarding me and the second time a beautiful story of friendship .

J - 5 as stated in the receipt tonight organization message.

For the first time in years I am excited to throw myself on the trails and then these roads that have given me so much two years ago : their share of emotions, satisfactions and small pleasures.

From my first participation in 2012 I had been conquered by the varied and familiar path :

 Distance: 31km

% Of paths and trails: 82%

Elevation: 600 D +
From the Avenue du Château ( Meudon 92) , passing in front of the Meudon Observatory , beautiful site , unauthorized public, then the forest of Meudon, the forest of False Rests , the Domaine national de Saint Cloud , Ile Saint -Germain , the Seine and the Eiffel Tower :

Municipalities crossed *:

Km 0 Departure : City of Meudon (92)
Km 9 Common Chaville (92)
13 km City Ville d'Avray (92)
17 km Town of Marnes -la- Coquette (92)
20 km Domaine National de Saint- Cloud ( 92)
26 km Commune de Sèvres (92)
27 km City of Meudon ( Netherlands) ( 92)
28 km Entering the Park Ile Saint -Germain (92)
29 km City of Issy -les- Moulineaux (92)
30 km City of Paris XV ( 75)
31 km Arrival Trail on the terrace Mail Branly above Port Suffren - Paris VII front of the Eiffel Tower ( 75)

The images I keep preciously combines the pleasure of paths that has no equal the beauty of the forests traversed .

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The first concern of the day holds only in what we reserve meteorology and its outlook for the Day :

Sat, March 29

Saturday in Paris sky conditions remain changeable. Large clouds and rain. No precipitation . Moderate wind. The reliability is particularly low, because the extent of cloud cover is difficult to assess. For the night of Saturday to Sunday, partly cloudy becoming variable. Moderate wind.

And it will be the same every morning until the day before the race.

If I could choose , I sign immediately for a time like this, cool in the morning without rain and warms up As the place of the day.

The 10-kilometer race yesterday reassured me about my state of form and gave me extra motivation for my session VMA last night.

This is always a time of intense sharing with friend (s) of the club and I get out of these exercises imposed completely rinsed but so happy.

So happy that I think my business will be ready well before the day before the race ...

Wednesday, March 26 : J - 3

It is getting closer and I confess that I have ants in the legs, everything I wrote just above is confirmed !

Always the same concern of weather ahead ... :

The bag is out and ready to be filled .

Tomorrow night I bet it will be done.

And now we must think about going to bed to build up energy reserves.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Two days after the course I can say that the weather has kept his word and preserved this mild and pleasant time that we announced for several days.

that's it, it's done , I did it!

Rally at the Meudon Observatory exceptionally open for the occasion.

Many of us are not actually very many not far from 3000 to piaffe impatience in the shore leading to the observatory.

I found my friend Fabrice and we stay together until the start ( I know I have no chance to see him again as soon as the race will start ... ) .

We also crossed Thomas and I believe we could also encounter other greens and yellows that were not reported .

The starting wave spacing allows some 3000 runners but it 's still well together until fueling Saint Cloud, meanwhile it goes , it goes down , we fly somehow stones rocks.

It takes branches in the short face is the variety of trails in the forest for the first part .

Of course we also need to cross a few roads and some residential areas but the course is well chosen and very nice.

The nice weather become hot over the race is also for many.

I Makes 10 to 12 km for the first refueling self sufficiency and set myself the goal of a rate of 10 KM / H ( I want the first time to forget as soon as I switched to the second tranche zone).

At kilometer 10 I'm on my break as expected, removed my jacket and stores it in the bag and taking a well filled container , a cereal bar and left.

Congestion on some portions require me to walk there and I had neither the need nor the desire and will tell me later that I'll regret when I can not help but walk.

To the single supply from the terrace of the park of Saint Cloud, it goes again, I started but I'm holding .

Saint Cloud until we had the opportunity to cross large areas of royal hunts , Saint Cloud is the highlight .

That is why I speak of a trail on royal land !

With a peak at 160 m above sea level, the national area of St. Cloud has , by its privileged position , exceptional views over the capital and its surroundings .

This domain characteristic of the classical period , redesigned by Le Nôtre in the seventeenth century , is also a repository of ancient hydraulic techniques.

Former Crown , the National Domaine de Saint -Cloud is a major whole French historical and artistic heritage .
Monsieur, brother of Louis XIV , called architects Le Pautre and Hardouin -Mansart and painter Mignard to enlarge and embellish the castle between Paris and Versailles. In 1785 , the Dukes of Orleans sold the castle to Queen Marie- Antoinette who is transformed and decorated by the architect Mique . Summer rulers in the nineteenth century residence, the Château de Saint -Cloud was burned in 1870 and razed in 1892.
Enclosed by walls and gates, the area of ​​460 hectares , decorated with statues , kept the order of Le Nôtre ( 1660-1690 ) . The hydraulic system contains elements of the seventeenth century : in summer , large water play in the basins and the Great Cascade. The renovated rooms of the Historical Museum evoke the heyday of the castle and its grounds.
Near the river, the lower garden , flat surface flowerbeds , lawns crisscrossed with tree-lined avenues , home to the Grande Cascade which flourished from the edge of the wooded hillside . Jets, broths , waterfalls , water bowls to candlesticks or grimacing mask punctuate this fabulous hydraulic structure that extends over 92 m long.

By steep trails climbing the hillside trees, the visitor arrives at the Grand Basin Jet, which rises to more than 40 m in height and reach , borrowing alley Balustrade, la Lanterne. Organ where most paths of the park , overlooking the Pavilion de Breteuil radiate Point, Lantern offers a unique panorama over the Seine , Paris and its suburbs, the Bois de Boulogne Clamart and Meudon.

The Greater Jet pool, a staircase leads to the terrace where stood the castle, now vanished. The outlook remains . From here you can see the succession of ponds and fountains.

Strictly speaking the French garden , visitors may prefer the English Trocadero Gardens , located above the location of the castle. Here, the intimate atmosphere makes you want to walk at the discretion of paths winding among the mountains of syringa and mahonias , or among tall trees surrounding a large lawn with irregular contours , animated by a pond.

The nature lovers can continue to visit on the shelf to browse the dense hardwood afforestation .

This area is a wonderful playground for sports of all kinds.

I ask myself 10 minutes and took the opportunity to recharge the batteries and interact with Aurélien a triathlete friend who is a volunteer on refueling.

The descent to the park entrance is not '' easy '' but happens.

Rather, it is part of the edge of the Seine and the number of increasingly important riders who walk that make me let go and start to alternate walking and running .

For many minutes already I drink more and I especially sprinkles, I do not regret the visor that brought me Fabrice the morning or my new sunglasses that protect me well .

The surrounding landscape is increasingly urban , even if the route through the parks of Sèvres , Meudon , l'ile Saint Germain before returning to Paris .

I enjoy the parks and water sources to refresh me and

Agencies, the mine but also those of other riders are struggling , and often the option to walk becomes essential .

This helps to start and regain some strength.

Finally, the last line is faster than expected, it leads us on arrival which is just before the bridge of Jena under the incredulous eyes of tourists and spectators.

I get the t -shirt and take the way back enjoying the path .

And three weeks later I was still thinking of the flat season starts so well and will continue shortly with a marathon that looks full of promise.

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