mardi 25 mars 2014

A trail on royal land : before taking off

Monday, March 24, 2014

This trail holds a special place in my golf sports .

This is my second participation regarding me and the second time a beautiful story of friendship .

J - 5 as stated in the receipt tonight organization message.

For the first time in years I am excited to throw myself on the trails and then these roads that have given me so much two years ago : their share of emotions, satisfactions and small pleasures.

From my first participation in 2012 I had been conquered by the varied and familiar path :

 Distance: 31km

% Of paths and trails: 82%

Elevation: 600 D +
From the Avenue du Château ( Meudon 92) , passing in front of the Meudon Observatory , beautiful site , unauthorized public, then the forest of Meudon, the forest of False Rests , the Domaine national de Saint Cloud , Ile Saint -Germain , the Seine and the Eiffel Tower :

Municipalities crossed *:

Km 0 Departure : City of Meudon (92)
Km 9 Common Chaville (92)
13 km City Ville d'Avray (92)
17 km Town of Marnes -la- Coquette (92)
20 km Domaine National de Saint- Cloud ( 92)
26 km Commune de Sèvres (92)
27 km City of Meudon ( Netherlands) ( 92)
28 km Entering the Park Ile Saint -Germain (92)
29 km City of Issy -les- Moulineaux (92)
30 km City of Paris XV ( 75)
31 km Arrival Trail on the terrace Mail Branly above Port Suffren - Paris VII front of the Eiffel Tower ( 75)

The images I keep preciously combines the pleasure of paths that has no equal the beauty of the forests traversed .

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The first concern of the day holds only in what we reserve meteorology and its outlook for the Day :

Saturday in Paris sky conditions remain changeable. Large clouds and rain. No precipitation . Moderate wind. The reliability is particularly low, because the extent of cloud cover is difficult to assess. For the night of Saturday to Sunday, partly cloudy becoming variable. Moderate wind.


8 °
Like 7 °
Thinnings .
Passages of dense cloud systems
Gusts from east
Description :
15km / h

6 °
Like 2 °
Variable sky with clouds and large clouds .
Gusts Southeast

30km / h

16 °
Like 13 °
Variable sky with clouds and large clouds .
Gusts Southeast

40km / h

13 °
Like 11 °
Cloudy .
Gusts Southeast

45km /

And it will be the same every morning until the day before the race.

If I could choose , I sign immediately for such a weather , cool in the morning without rain and warms up as the place of the day.

The 10-kilometer race yesterday reassured me about my state of form and gave me extra motivation for my session VMA last night.

This is always a time of intense sharing with friend (s) of the club and I get out of these exercises imposed completely rinsed but so happy.

So happy that I think my clothes will be ready well before the day before the race ...

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