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The fourth dimension of the ark...

Thursday, June 13, 22 20 H : When inserting these few lines I think the next race and the number of kilometers that I will be able to go ...

It only remains to write the number!

Little fancy this year TWO RACES an hour and a half each for the maximum time is deducted , this leaves me consider a pretty good distance even if I do not give much of my skin right now.

Between the invasive work , irregular training and our little family bubble sessions is not simple to have a workout worthy of the name .

23 H 20 looks like heaven wants us to send a positive message letting us imagine that the weather will be nice tomorrow to run.

The kind of race to which I turn more and more: those who have a sense , a true value , cause my mileage will power .

The race around the great arch of Defense (hence the title of the article) is a classic in my annual program.

As a number of previous editions I frees professional constraints by taking a day off to allow me to devote myself entirely to this event.

I concentrated all my strength , or rather the two races , for a maximum of an hour and a half each , who will succeed 13 H 15 first, then 15 H 15.

I arrived around 12 H 00 onsite time to recover the T -Shirt of the association AXA Hearts in that I regularly during the course of similar events (stroke of breath, Telethon , the strides of Insurance ... ) .

As in the previous edition no familiar faces , it's almost a normal situation because I am running for the colors of the association business Axa ... group in which I do not work ...

I prepare my small business and am about to join the starting area where everyone is given an appointment and is raring to go !

Presentations partners and little speech of the Chief of Action against hunger also run with a team of the NGO organizer .

Departure is serenely and the first round of one kilometer circle which allows the Grande Arche will be repeated as often as possible for one hour and thirty minutes.

Which I prepared myself mentally to keep one face my challenges and goals I quickly joined by Marc one of my few friends of the association which is decided at the last minute to accompany me for a few kilometers during his lunch break .

His presence allows me to put me in a great rhythm that I will follow until the end of the allotted time for the first race .

This takes place under ideal conditions , a little wind , the sun just right and as usual have a great party atmosphere that is not foreign to the cause we all come defend .

The route around the great arch is not that easy with a false flat amount rather rude.

I have in mind two ambitious objectives for both courses an hour and a half because I do not run for me .

And that's especially what motivates me , use the miles I travel to advance projects and causes such as Action against Hunger .

I also run for the woman of my life that can not run at the moment but would be so wanted among these volunteers walking or running .

This first race an hour and a half is on a pace since I garnered 18 km and the contract is completed .

I have 45 minutes to get ready to start and I'm not wasting a second , even if I start to experience some difficulties in reaching the car.

I completely changed and I try to recharge the batteries for my successful second bet of the day.

As I imagined, the second race that comes in cumulative first 18 km is much more difficult .

First the participants are far more numerous than the first race and it is already a challenge in itself.

And as for a marathon 30 km barrier is still violent and made ​​me quickly realize that finish will be more difficult than expected.

I can not avoid walking but I let go of anything.

My legs are like poles which do not allow me to move as I would like . So I put one foot before the other and try to achieve my goal was to run at least 15 kilometers on the second part .

I overtake in pain, but I bouclerai these two courses without release :

33 km in 3 hours.

The reward ? here it :

2313 participants
€ 473,440 collected
at the 6th edition
Challenge against Hunger
" 14 June 2013 "

In 2012, 30 313 km were traveled by 2188 runners, allowing the association to collect more than € 457,000 for the benefit of its programs in Côte d'Ivoire , Nepal and Yemen.
For this new edition , you even better !

Friday, June 14 , 2313 employees were at the start of the Challenge Interentreprises against Hunger . Runners and walkers have traveled 29,582 km away. Thanks to their mobilization and all participating companies , € 473,440 has been collected for the benefit of Action against Hunger to help fund its programs implemented in Haiti and Liberia.

Congratulations and thank you to all participants who contributed to the success of this event!

As a reminder , here is the principle against Hunger Challenge :

To raise public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world and collect donations to help fund the programs of the association , Action against Hunger organizes every year for 6 years Intercompany Challenge against Hunger . There is a foot race solidarity which unites companies that have at heart to unite their employees around a great humanitarian cause .

For each employee listed , the company agrees to pay a lump sum donation of € 10. This gift enables Action against Hunger both maintain reception conditions and optimum safety for riders on the day of the Challenge , but also to increase their operational response on the ground.

For every kilometer traveled by employees , the company agrees to pay 15 € to Action against Hunger .

Each euro is collected be donated to Action against Hunger .


Each euro is collected be donated to Action against Hunger .

In 2012 , 75 % of the donations collected during the Challenge are allocated to programs on the ground.

Donations Challenge against Hunger in 2013 can carry out a project of prevention, detection and treatment of acute malnutrition through an integrated multi-sectoral approach to the west of Côte d' Ivoire, in the regions of the mountains and Middle Cavally .

The intervention teams of Action against Hunger has been implemented in this area as a result of on-site evaluation conducted which revealed a precarious livelihood of populations and a high risk of food insecurity short and medium term .

The capacity building screening, reception and treatment of malnutrition existing health structures and local communities through training of staff use of the gifts of this Challenge project aims and the creation of a Agents of Community Health network . They also allow the association to develop awareness sessions to educate and train people to good practice in the prevention of malnutrition and the promotion of health .

Donations against Hunger Challenge 2012 will also allow to carry out a project to support community-based acute malnutrition among populations in eastern Nepal, where the prevalence of global acute malnutrition was 11.2 % .

The intervention teams of Action against Hunger is organized in coordination with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF , as a support to existing structures to initiate a program of prevention, detection and treatment of severe acute malnutrition has children under 5 years.

The train health personnel and implement information sessions for families on nutrition and care practices and basic hygiene use donations Challenge this project aims .

This project is the first phase of a 3-year project .

Donations Challenge against Hunger in 2012 finally can carry out a project in Yemen.

To date , permits are pending. The programs will be implemented soon . In the meantime , Action against Hunger teams continue their exploratory missions to better prepare their interventions , once they started.

The remaining donations will be allocated according to needs and emergencies faced by Action against Hunger .

As a reminder, in 2011 , 50 % of the donations collected during the Challenge had been allocated to programs in Bangladesh and Central African Republic.

Donations Challenge against Hunger in 2011 helped launch the first pilot project ACF CMAM (Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition *) . The project area is the District of Cox 's Bazar , a relatively vulnerable area southeast of the country , which receives a large flow of illegal immigrants fleeing repression and discrimination of the border country, Burma .

With over 13 % of global acute malnutrition , the region was beyond the threshold requiring intervention , particularly in the districts Ukhia ( 195 , 000 inhabitants) and Teknaf (270,000 inhabitants). Given the inability of governments ( including health ) to deal with problems , ACF has proposed to implement the CMAM model including forming the local health staff .
* Treatment of acute malnutrition based on community participation .

Donations Challenge against Hunger in 2011 also helped lead a project and Nutrition Improving the management of severe acute malnutrition in Sanitary Training Prefecture Sangha Mbaéré and prevent severe acute malnutrition.

The use of donations Challenge on this project has ensured the ACF working in this area and to anticipate and mitigate the risk of deterioration of the nutritional status during the lean period in 2012 (the period between the end of food stocks and the next harvest ) .

The remaining 50% are equity of the Action against Hunger . The association has allocated the remaining donations based emergency and needs she met.

And that is enough to make me happy runner !

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