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The week can change everything ... 

Monday, March 4, 2013 19 H 00 

I'm back in my Rdv Parisian osteopath recommended by Barnabas (a big thank you to him!) And the least I can say is that I'm, you know ... amazed! 

An hour with a good 20 minutes Rdv exchanges on all the little things that were insignificant mark my last years in terms of sports injuries including my horse falls ... 

A mirror shot of recent years that have allowed him to cross what I have told him and he could see for himself, contractures of the jaw to the lower back through the diaphragm and the twelfth rib, but the psoas that caused the pain so strong by which it all began. 

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What's contracture? 

Contracture is an involuntary muscle contraction of the muscle fibers within a muscle or muscle group. Contracture is characterized by its unusually long duration, it is often painful and usually not associated with muscle damage. 

Contracture can occur in the muscles of the calves, thighs, buttocks, gutters spinal and neck. Their pain is similar to a cramp but last much longer. Contractured the muscle shortens and is in constant tension. It can cause tendonitis if it lasts too. 

The causes of contracture? 

Muscle spasms can occur due to three main causes: 

After a sports training too intense: the muscle was used too long without recovery so he gets tired and contracts! 
As a result of muscle injury. Muscle contracture in this case will prevent further damage already present. 
As a defense mechanism to fight against trauma: muscle contracture is a defense mechanism of injured joint, muscle contracture will stop its articulation and blocked the protecting to damaging more. 
It is better to prevent contractures stretching and treating sprains and tears effectively. However, there are a number of treatments against contractures whose effectiveness varies from one patient to another. 

The effectiveness of osteopathic 

For the treatment of contractures, conventional medicine offers before all the rest of the muscle relaxants and powerful (which have the advantage of being strong but in no case treat the cause of the contracture. 
Osteopathy can be a real contribution in the treatment of contractures. 

The osteopath will seek primarily to correct the imbalances that cause contracture and stain to overcome these causes. This allows both to reduce pain but also reduce the risk of recurrence (that do not allow relaxants). 

By means of a thorough examination and a review of your joints, the osteopath will seek to understand why and how the contraction appeared. 
No scientific evidence to suggest that osteopathic treatment alone sufficient to treat contracture, it is generally appropriate to couple the osteopathic approach to medicine. 

This is primarily a muscular problem! 

It began with a pain like a painful side stitch continuously 8 days before my visit to the osteopath and let me imagine multiple scenarios ranging from the Benin the worst that I could fear: the return of a tumor. 

This fear has been dispelled by an ultrasound two days after the onset of pain but help me specifically about the origin and possible treatment. 

This is where medicine has its limits, not even mentioning the possibility of muscle pain. 

I owe my salvation that reflex osteopath friend who directed me to the right person, another osteopath. 

I begin to see and feel the first effects of his manipulations and this is only the beginning. 

According to him I should even be able to go without shoes for my next outing running and find that I can do without it completely .... 

Here I must confess that I'm speechless, but not without writing almost ... 

To him I am a true sportsman! Those on which all slide including the strongest shock! 

I'm definitely convinced that this step will mark me for a long time and allow me to practice my sporting life in a whole new dimension! 

April 21, 2013 ... 

This step has already changed everything even though I did not dare take me on the Paris marathon without my orthotics and there big mistake I should've listened to my instinct told me to start this race with my normal shoes and possibly change them if necessary ... 

The pain felt at the 30th km are well feel that my support has evolved 

So I do not have to see my podiatrist because my balance has been affected by the manipulation of my osteopath, it joined what he told me during my visit mentioned above. 

All is not completely back to normal but my body is returned in working order and I realized how much this sport is essential to me and even essential. 

No triathlon competitions as I have not put my butt on the saddle of my bike. 

I also intend to build me a program that will allow me to make up a good part of my delay in this area besides the necessary update on my progress in swimming. 

Progress? I'm having trouble using this word, but what is sure is that I take great pleasure to swim and especially to share sessions with the club. 

Bibs Running? 

Sparingly so as not to hide my shortcomings bike, so now it will be a bib triathlon (a sprint, for example) or nothing. 

I will turn your legs with our brand new DKN that allows you to put legs without the need to go outside, it is not enough but it helps to find the gestures and prepare your legs for a great season! 

Description Bike Ergometer Electromagnetic DKN AM-5 i 

NEW MODEL ergometer DKN AM-5 i 

- Condensed style and technology 
- Compatible with IPAD AND ANDROID tablets 
- Improved tracking performance with DKN Motion 

Aesthetics plays a major role in our society, and this is given priority in DKN. 
The AM-5 i evolves and takes on a new dimension! 


The bicycle ergometer Electromagnetic DKN AM-5 i fits the iPad and Android tablets 
You can use your tablet in place of the traditional console this bike. 
To fully benefit from the performance of the system, just download the free software DKN Motion. 
You can download this application DKN-motion via Apple iTunes or Google Play for Android. 

DKN-motion includes a variety of workouts and turns your tablet into an ergonomic equipment and optimal viewing. 
In addition, the application integrates the function i-roads "that will allow you to immerse yourself in the shoes of a cyclist on several global big races. 
Challenge yourself on paved tracks of the Tour de France, Italy, Spain and many others ... 
Once the application is downloaded, connect your tablet or wireless (Bluetooth connection) to the serial console has on your bike ergometer Electromagnetic DKN AM-5 i 

You can keep on your shelf all your exercises, time, and track your gym sessions! 


The bicycle ergometer Electromagnetic DKN AM-5 i is equipped with a color LED console generation, new intuitive backlit. 
This "traditional" console will provide the support and motivation necessary for optimal individualized training. 
So if you do not have a tablet, you can still use this console to manage your workouts. 

And to ensure an increasingly effective monitoring, Recumbent Bicycle Ergometer DKN AM-5 i is compatible with cardio chest belt DKN. 

This ergometer combines technology and design. Everything is through the AM-5 i for this new model becomes a true benchmark in terms of quality. 
LCD 16 programs, 4 user profiles. 24 levels of resistance in "manual". Sensors integrated handlebar heartbeat. Adjustable gel saddle height and depth. 

Motivated as ever and as often on the advice of friends who watches closely the balance of forces (special dedication to Ludo for the bike!) 

The next article will be dedicated to the program very soon next 6 months as competing in training!

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