dimanche 27 janvier 2013

The road to redemption: Week 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 !

I remain mysterious for the moment on the title including the word a little stronger (redemption) will serve as a guideline for my sporting goods coming months.

I will describe my first few weeks of training without putting aside the difficulties related to the organization they require.

This redemption, I understood for a long time, through effective recovery but also energetic trainings but also a change in the club because I had chosen did not allow me to attend the trainings.

I was a regular on the club's website forum but I limited myself to the virtual exchange!

This is an opportunity for an exchange with one of ordinary members of the club I realized the incongruity of the situation: I am part of a club or I know little or nothing and worse than all I register, according to him, the events which I do not participate!

Here it is very clear and the message is well received!

This Monday, October 15th, so I decided, in the same day, change club, I set real targets for 2013 and 2014 and especially in practice become a regular workouts of my new club.

It is also this Monday, October 15 I discovered that I am in the last 5 challenge in a competition that could take some of my expenses for the Norseman

The first contact takes place next Wednesday because it is precisely the general meeting of the club and I want to first trade, especially with newcomers like me but also to equip me in the club colors.

It is therefore with great pride that I take this license to the colors of Nanterre Triathlon.

After reviewing all the senses in the different workouts I delight in planning sessions in swimming and running.

The bike is a bit premature but I reserve for group outings for Sunday morning like most clubs.

Here is what happens:


Monday: Jean Guimier track from 19:00

The rest of the week: 2 or 3 individual sessions early in the morning
Tuesday afternoon:
Wednesday afternoon: free niche
Thursday: Beginners only
Saturday afternoon: free niche

This training program should allow me to finally be structured in my organization so that change in my physique.

Week 1

I fear a little since my first week I have not forgotten that this is a swim that cools my ardor in my previous club.

It is this time it's the big night: the first day of the week and therefore the session track club and therefore my debut with the group.

I arrived a little early but I'm wrong input and finally arrived just in time.
I even begin to discuss outside because I already know two or three members of the club: the reception is perfect: warm, friendly and natural.

I appreciate and begin to enjoy.

I go through the locker room and I'm pépare.Je other and starts making laps to warm up.

Those arriving after joining us little by little.

One coach tonight, so we will be together (about 40) for the session that will last about an hour. We will do some exercises that fall into the category PPG (general physical preparation).

This is completely new for me that was just running like a diesel but it will change because I will check over the weeks, these exercises should make all the difference in the next races.

I surprised myself because I am good enough and resists even when the exercises are more intense and frequent.

It is not always easy but it is very nice and the session will pass very quickly in a friendly atmosphere and always studious.

When this is over, I do not dwell but takes time to give Meet at the ones I know for the next day's session pool Tuesday 12 H 00.

Suffice to say that it is this that I fear the most and ultimately wrong.

First usability is not a vain word in this club and I found the atmosphere to which I totally agree.

The coach gives us the information directly without the table, he is attentive to everything and tous.Je'm thrilled as it begins to correct my many flaws.

Enough of us in the water line but the pace is fluid.

Beginners and experienced coexist in brotherhood.
The second did not hesitate to lend a hand to the first and to give good and valuable advice.

The pace is very fluid but removed because the exercises are followed in a nice consistency.

I am very surprised because I want the pace and did not feel like a burden. Phew!

Finally I am not selected for the challenge in question but NORSEMAN remains forever etched as a major objective of the triathlete I become!

Already in 2014 (if the draw is favorable to me) or years if this should not be the case.

13 weeks have passed since the first contact and the desire to structure my training triathlete.

The initial findings?

I realized from day to day all that this training provides me as physical and mental benefits except when I have to miss some sessions and there I found that it's really hard not to get advice from coaches and friends as regularly as I wish.

Even unframed sessions Wednesday and Saturday are not immune to some of my absences.

Still difficult to carry out several front but life as Claude said so, when you want it ...

I'm in his reasoning even if now the priorities are shared, but I do not lose sight of my athletic goals of the year: my baptism in long distance in a format half ironman.

I already anticipated the sacrifice made almost a week training group per month considering the evolution of my professional life but that does not mean that I will sacrifice everything when I'm driving away from the stadium or the pool Nanterre.

In fact I see those first few weeks after these workouts naturally found their way into my daily life and were able to bring me the dynamic sport that I missed.

I am aware of the progress to be made and those that have already been made, but I still have serious room for improvement both on the track and in the pool.

To crawl, everything is still stalling beat that for both arm movements but also the coordination of the two.

I will apply during the next few sessions replicate the advice and recommendations of Daniel, one of our coaches swimming.

Here is the real targets and motivating in conjunction with the guidance provided by the coach!

The result?

Very, very quickly with the thoughts and feelings aroused by drives come !

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