dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Beauvais as evidence!

More than three month to deliver a report is a bit long I grant you, but at least it had the merit of letting me time to prepare!

Beauvais, his ordeal Short Distance, will always be a special place in my sports program as essential that certain events will always wonderful madeleines of Proust!

First participation in the 2011 edition of the race Short Distance Triathlon this left me good memories even if I had the company of motorcycle broom for almost all of the bike!

For the 2012 edition I decided to anticipate the entry and make one of my goals.

Little training before the race but a strengthening of swimming and especially a very significant improvement in the crawl, basically I hope to cover a good part of 1500 meters crawl!

For this trip to Beauvais I'm thrilled as I am with my wife and my daughter, my most assiduous supporters.

And as the photo above illustrates, the rain is also invited to this event and it will not leave us for a moment.

We leave the house in the middle of the morning and few drops of rain will soon reach cruising speed.

I can admit now, but several times on the road to Beauvais, I am tempted to turn back to my first two fans and for me too.

But it's like giving in full competition, impossible!

That I am not yet arrived and I will do everything so that this does not happen.

The rain redoubled violence, and I even find it difficult to see the road.

Of course I think the race conditions but also everything that surrounds the competition, but ultimately I continue anyway and we're almost there.

I prepare the business.

This year we made sure to arrive early, it will save us a dose of unnecessary stress.

We know that the distance between the car and the bike park requires a 20 minute walk so we soon.

I get my bib arrived and immediately drop my bike in the wake taking care to arrange and organize my business for the rest of the festivities.

I might as well confess it, but I have never driven in rain.

I hear you: it is not out of the winter ... and yes I was very light on the bike as training and then I think I'll pay cash!

Good swimming part should be as simple as it will unfold in the rain and this is the case is not complicated at all and the first time I place 1450 meters of crawl and 50 meters breaststroke.

Contract completed for this first part with all the ingredients to swim Version triathlon sprint start, fight all the time, kicks, fists, various shocks and varied mistakes along the way ....... I quickly got back on track by the volunteer who is in his canoe.

I'm glad to see the end of the swim but prefer not to project onto the bike course awaits me quietly.

I finally get out and begins to withdraw my suit.

I get to my bike and take care of me even if it does wipe useless. I'm soaked and will remain so until the end!

Somehow I turn or at least I try and go back into cycling in these warrior ride 40 kilometers in three loops.

My advantage? Is knowing what path I have already practiced the previous year.

And I know exactly what to expect and I'm prepared at least psychologically.

Three identical loops in the campaign are anything but easy because they are alternate rib Dante requiring riders with total humility.

During this course I'll cross our fingers not to suffer mechanical problems and will devote myself to the course and keep a steady pace.

I encounter during these three rounds quite a number of runners (fifty) walk with their bikes beside them.

I travel the 40 kilometers in the rain and I do not go in so bad.

The atmosphere is always warm and the two villages visited, some people do not hesitate to stay out for the entire race to encourage these athletes a bit special.

Logical after all we are in Beauvais, the'' capital'' triathlon.

As usual, my tire pressure is inadequate and will make me fear the worst ... until I get to the bike park and I put mine.

I take my time and especially what to feed me and drink.

Climate shows no sign of improvement and has even deteriorated.

The sandy path to the final round, 10-kilometer race walk will definitely mark my running shoes that will take several days to dry.

I am very fortunate to be supported by my wife and daughter waiting for me quietly on the race course to pied.Elles are also soaked and much colder than me since we arrived.

They are amazing as usual and without it, I would be nothing.

Every day they give me the strength to move mountains.

Two loops for running are not the easiest but I grit my teeth and grip to complete this test that I particularly like, and despite the weather.

The atmosphere is conducive to beauvaisienne triathlon and I will, no doubt, next year.

This event was also an opportunity to meet the best (s) French triathletes.

At the time I write this (October 7, 2012, 21 H 10) Beauvais Triathlon is required to Poissy Saint Raphael and men.

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