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Musical interlude : Adèle !

 Rolling in the Deep: Live Royal Albert Hall

There's a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitch,it's me Bringing out the darkFinally I can see you crystal clearGo head and sell me outand I'll lay your shit bare
See how I leave you with Every piece ofDo not underestimate the Things That I Will do
There's a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitchAnd Its bring me out the dark
The scars of your love remind me of UsTHEY keep me thinking That We Almost had it allThe scars of your love leave me breathless THEYI can not help feelingWe Could have had it allRolling in the deepYou had my heart inside of your handPlayed it and youTo the beat
Baby I have no story to Be ToldGoal I've heard one of youAnd I'm gonna make your head burnThink of me in the Depths of your despairMaking a home down thereIt Reminds you of the home we shared
The scars of your love remind me of UsTHEY keep me thinking That We Almost had it allThe scars of your love leave me breathless THEYI can not help feelingWe Could have had it allRolling in the deepYou had my heart inside of your handPlayed it and youTo the beat
Throw your soul Every-through open doorCount your blessings to find what you look forTurned my sorrow Into treasured goldYou pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow
We Could have had it allWe Could have had it allIt all, it all it all,We Could have had it allRolling in the deepYou had my heart inside of your handPlayed it and youTo the beat
You're probably wondering what place can take the musicin the life of a runner or a triathlete? ... the same as any other passion for music in the broadest sense.
This bracket will be as a young soul singer Adele23 year old who literally unbridled passions by his personalityoutstanding and his voice is just as important.
In my case it was my daughter who was recommended to me andI do not regret it, I like his songs and will try tounderstand the words better and better to enjoy them as muchhis melodies.
In the preamble of this article I have even added the extract of aperformances she gave in 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall, this isthe last song of the show: Rolling in the deep you will find the extract in the introduction to this article but also the lyrics.

One. "Hometown Glory"Two. "I'll Be Waiting"Three. "Do You Remember"Four. "Turning Tables"Five. "Set Fire to the Rain"6. "If It Had not Been for Love"Seven. "My Same"

Eight. "Take It All"Nine. "Rumour Has It"10. "Right As Rain"11. "One & Only"12. "Lovesong"13. "Chasing Pavements"14. "I Can not Make You Love Me"15. "Make You Feel My Love"16. "Someone Like You"17. "Rolling In The Deep"

'' Rolling in the Deep'' comes at the conclusion of this concert and that is an opportunity for Adele to take 17 of his songs but also a special communion with the public that she shares with her music.
It contains "the martial rhythms, chords to piano beats like" played by Neil Cowley and "songs of singers."
Adele's voice is compared to that of Wanda Jackson.
For Nadine Cheung AOL Radio Blog is the song "sung from the perspective of a lover scorned, which is finally able to see the light, but in spite of feelings of regret, can not consider reconciliation.
The concert seems as timeless as a parenthesis quite magical in a place that is equally important.
The Royal Albert Hall is oval and measures 83 meters (272 feet) of 72 meters (238 feet). The height of the dome is 41 meters overlooking. Its initial capacity was 8000 people and the room has sometimes housed up to 9,000 spectators.
However, new safety standards have recently reduced this capacity to 5,544 seats.

Royal Albert Hall
This results in some very intimate scenes during whichsharing with the public is not an empty word for Adele.
You can feel very comfortable with the public and very humbled by the success asshe knows at this point that this could well be his very last concert.

A few weeks later Adele suffered, United Statesmicrosurgery to the vocal cords in order to endbleeding polyp of Benin.
This problem forced the singer to cancel concerts in the October and became recurring since the beginning of 2011for the singer, forcing her to cancel her concerts regularlyto rest his voice
Since the beginning of her career she won an impressive numberof awards around the world.
In 2012 she made her comeback GRAMMY AWARD that there are not deceived puisqu'Adèle garnered this year's six awards for which she was nominated.

With an extract of the site Exceptionn'elles, back on his biography:

Author and singer-songwriter, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins,better known under her artist name Adele was born May 5, 1988 in London,Adele began singing at age 4 years.
In 2006, she had graduated from school Brit School,an institution established by the Committee of the ceremonyBrit Awards, for young people wanting to moveto careers in the music industry.
Regarding his favorite artists, the young artist quotesthe spice girls, Etta James, Peggy Lee or Jeff Buckley.

After that a friend has posted demos of her songs on myspace, Adele was spotted by XL Recordings.She ended up signing with the record company and in 2007,her first single Hometown Glory went out.In 2008, she delivers her first album, 19, who ranksnumber one in sales in Britain, with over 300,000 copiessold in England.She was the first to receive the award Critics' Choice (Critics Award)BRIT Awards and was distinguished "Breakthrough of the Year 2008"in a vote of the music reviews of BBC Sound of 2008.In 2009, Adele won two awards from the 51st Grammy Awards,one of the best new artist and one of the best female pop performance.
After an exceptional tour, the singer is backin January 2011 with a new album 21.Composed of eleven tracks including "Rumour has it," "Lovesong""Someone like you" or "Rolling In The Deep", "21"soon to become known.
In the UK, it flows 208 000 copiesthe first week of launch.In the U.S., it ranks number 1 inBillboard 200 with over 352,000 sales since its release.On the internet, it is considered the first albumto pull in digital version in a million copies.
This achievement will enable the young singer to place two singlesin the top 5 ranking and his two albums to findrespectively in the first place to 21, and fourth for 19, released three years ago in 2008. This achievement is the only artist to Adele since the Beatles in 1964 to have two singles and two albums classésdans the top 5 English the same week.

With his voice crooneuse, style soul / jazz, and his songssentimental, Adele lives propelled his career to heights.

Extract from WIKIPEDIA:
'' The second studio album Adele, 21, was launched on 24 January 2011UK and February 22 of that year the United States.
The sound of the album is described as having roots classic, contemporary and country music.
The change compared to his first album result of the influence of his bus driver who was playing contemporary music in Nashville when she was on tour in the southern United States.
Adele says elsewhere in Spin magazine that he listenedthis still country music and they played till late,smoking cigarette after cigarette while listening to Rascal Flatts.She also said that it was very exciting for her because she did not grow up listening to this music.
In explaining the choice of title for his second album, Adele saysit reflects the growing success it has experienced over the past two years.The first single, Rolling in the Deep, a song is to the taste of revenge:Adele is described as dark-flavored "gospel blues disco.
21 The album reached number one in sales in Ireland, Germany,New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands and in March 2011, it debuted at number one in the U.S. and stayed there another week before going down to second place.

In the UK, where the album was also ranked number one, 208,000 copies were sold in its first week, making21 album released in January the most sold in five years.The singleRolling in the Deep is well received by critics and reachedthirteenth place in the "Billboard 100".
Mid-February 2011, after a performance at the BRIT Awards, the song Someone Like You ranks straight to number 1 ranked British singles chart, while the album 21 is also still number one.
Adele is recognized as the only living artist to have two hitsin the Top 5 on the "Official Singles Chart" and the "Official Albums Chart"simultaneously since the Beatles in 1964.
Adele remains number 1 for the second week withSomeone Like You album and 21 remains at the top of the charts for five weeks on albums, the song Rolling in the Deep not leaving the Top 5 ranking in singles and 19 album until the amountsecond place in the hit parade of albums, although launched three yearsbefore.
This is the first time an artist holds the top two positions inBritish album charts since The Corrs in 1999.

Week of January 24, Adele manages to place the songsSomeone Like You, Rolling In The Deep and Set Fire To The Rain on the top three most viewed videos of the week surYouTube.
A total of 21 has sold 16.4 million copies, makingThis best-selling album in the world in 2011.
January 28, 2012, she received the NRJ Music Award of revelationinternational of the year and the award for best songInternational Year for "Someone Like You".
She also received six Grammy Awards February 12, 2012, and two Brit Awards February 21, 2012.

Other activitiesAdele Will Young supports the MENCAP Little Noise Sessions in 2007a charity concert at the Union Chapel in London. In 2008 she was headPoster and book an acoustic performance, supported by Damien Rice.In July 2008, Adele pays £ 8,000 for a painting by Stella Vine atEvent Keep a Child Alive, a charity dedicated toAfrican children and their families living with AIDS.Adele says she plans to ask Vine to paint a portraither and her mother.September 17, 2009, Adele sings at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for événementVH1 Divas, a concert to raise funds for the charity Save The Music Foundation.On 6 December the same year, Adele is opening with a set40 minutes of the 2nd Annual Holiday Charity Revue John Mayer, being held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles enCalifornie.
I think every piece of Adele's concert at the Royal Albert HallSeptember 22 will accompany me on future trainingand maybe even tomorrow morning.

These few lines I wrote them and gather in the month of March when I discovered the video of the concert on You tube.
Since and as each blow of heart for music, I listened almost all songs repeatedly.
In recent weeks I got a little tired, I say'' a little'' because I still enjoy this exceptional artist.
March allowed me to resume my workouts morning with his songs.
After a long pause prompted by the recovery of the marathonParis and its preparation, I really want to relive this particular head to head with Adele and her world!
In addition to'' run'' accompanied by music that also allows me to enjoy a new learning English.
I know this is somewhat unexpected as a teaching method but also a professional bias that I find here I am, every day, alert to learning methods used in the training that I organize.
Current I feel completely responsive and focused on the lyrics but also the many comments between songs.
And the flowery language of Adele is hit with a captivated audience and knows his lyrics by heart.
Exceptional moments shared with an artist who is equally so.

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