vendredi 6 avril 2012

Hibernation sports ...

End of January - end February 2012
For several weeks, weather conditions (among others) require, I wisely left the business of sports tidy to literally hibernate, so I think the word is not too hard to illustrate the state in which I began during this period.
Asking me if I was going to achieve reverse the situation and resume the path of training or bib!
Not very bright as though finding the time I write these lines I already know the answer to my many questions and the outcome of the story.
This time I have to cross, and which eventually lasted several months, I was left on the bottom side of the road, to watch the other: swimming, cycling and running, same fight.
Same battles to wrest once and for all and return to the path of pleasure.
It is neither more nor less.
Different bibs that, at one time not so long ago, should not serve as my drives (!) I have kept their heads above water.
I did not feel more flavor to the effort, it was not like me.
Nothing made me want to force myself and hit the road.
And I think the secret is!
The sport does not allow us to pretend, and we request a total investment and sincere.
But it can also lead us into some pitfalls like overtraining.
I believe in retrospect that this is exactly what happened to me.
As you strive to run I ended up not liking it at all, incredible for me to write these lines.
I never imagined that one day.
By running against has never ceased to be my passion as triathlon, then failing a regular practice I have read offset by a frantic number of magazines but also by the writing my blogs.
Besides what is finally funny is that since I started training I have more to write about my experiences in sports but less time to share them with you.
It was my way to hunker down in expectation of better days that never came.
I grant you it's not very glorious, but it was my connection to sport (and the rest) and allowed me to never cut completely, and especially to start up the slope.
This frantic reading some magazines a month allowed me to hold me but also referred to figure my lack of practice.
Nothing could help me in this journey through the desert if not to lean on my home environment that will always be the mainstay of my life.
I am the sports into my genes and as with any hibernation this particular character of my identity just waiting to be reborn.
And then after bib bib and envy is back from hibernation with all these bad thoughts moved away too.
Return to the path of training has changed my life again and allowed me to resume my seat.
The morning has resumed training for at least 3 weeks and brings me feelings that I did benefit most appreciated for a long time.
It remains for me to organize my way out the frequency of these sessions and my bike and swimming around my race objectives that I will share soon.
Do not expect me to relate training plans, it is not like me and especially do not correspond at all to Odee that I have of the sport.
Meanwhile, in the preamble of this article, I will let you enjoy the concert begins Adele has given 22 September 2011 and accompanying me during my morning outings.
The first song can imagine what the whole concert is available to those who look, a breath of fresh air and a freshness that would not deny an athlete!
I will devote an entire article to Adele in an upcoming musical interlude ...
Friday, April 6, 2012, 23 H 00.

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