lundi 20 février 2012

The sensations come back!

I spoke earlier this year the best possible way in current ...! I admit that it's not very original for a triathlete but it's so nice to find feelings of sports!After my two bibs bullfighting Houilles (see my previous article: The home stretch!), The end of the year was quiet, very quiet even just two sessions punctuated studious swimming in the beautiful salt water pool Deauville.

The departure of Ice Trail runs so nicely, as usual I sit in back of the pack and takes a leisurely pace.Soon we arrive in the woods and the course is really nice but it is important to focus on the course because the roads are very slippery and treacherous.Early in the race are some of slips and falls as impressive obstacles abound: logs, low branches and aggressive, very muddy paths and near. But that's what helps make this race a true playground that I like.The entire route, which eventually will be more than 16 km (15 km planned for), will be varied enough to keep me focused as ever on the places where I put my feet.Until a somewhat steeper descent than other disturbs my ankle and painful to leave the finish line but ultimately nothing serious.The atmosphere, good child and concentrated, leads us to the last hundred meters of the race as I have enjoyed for every minute.Supply side it was necessary to predict because there was no provision on the distance of 15 kilometers.I am well equipped bar with almonds and fruit pastes.No camel back in for me but a small backpack with two bottles of 750 milliliters and my inseparable bottle of 500 milliliters, it was the right solution for me who always takes the time to hydrate me.The end of the route is like a dream and once past the finish line I take the time to get on the path that leads me to the car.The weather was ideal because the winter has not yet shown his days under the toughest conditions.You will understand, experience and even more me and motivates me very much to the course 30 kilometers of the Eco Trail on which I am registered blind, a few months ago already.I do not know why but I feel that I will not regret it and it will give me even more ideas for the rest of the season.And finally I could not miss a start Meudon my true heart club a long time!
Jean-Claude Boscher

The homecoming coincides with the new year has allowed me to get back on track and especially with my famous release of the new year, which for me is a good barometer for the upcoming season.I repeated the following weekend by an output not exceeding the time(58 minutes!) But am in full possession of my faculties and portends good things for 2012.The bib first of the year approaches and is scheduled for Jan. 22 it will be a 15 kilometer trail run in the forest.I had already participated in the 2010 edition but it did not remain in the annals.I was unprepared, knee pain that appear early enough in the short run anything satisfactory.Remains the taste of trail that, little by little, just imagine other objectives in this area.Something new for the 2012 season, the bracelet Data Vitae that I soon became indispensable:

It can engage in all activities and forget that we went paperless and coordinates emergency.I like the idea, its shape and the services it could render.I wonder how we could practice our favorite activities so far without him.I've built a partnership with Data Vitae is why the link is visible and available from my blog site!I am very excited about this and found out through Facebook that many of my contacts had been conquered.Even more than for road races this little bracelet is perfect to take part in trails on which the rider is often left on its own.This explains why the mood is different and a breath of oxygen, as by its environment and the paths, its participants and organizers ..And it is especially an atmosphere and a different mentality.

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